Vol.XV No.VII Pg.1
September 1978

Playing Games With God

Robert F. Turner

They knew the church should not go into "business", but churches moving to new locations sold their property. So, they bought a large tract of land they could never use as a location for church assembly and work; and subdivided it into building lots, to be sold at a great profit. Be careful lest you question their motives.

A church wished to build a recreation hall, for young-people's parties, pot-lucks, ping-pong, etc. They realized there could be objections to such unauthorized expenditures, so they called the new hall "additional class-room space," although they had unused class-rooms in their old building. No one is "fooled" — least of all God — but it answers the Antis!

A man divorced without scriptural grounds, and a young lady, member of the church, wish to be married. The preacher, victim of a pernicious and unscriptural concept regarding "bonds of marriage," says, "I wouldn't want to encourage you in this, but if you should get married, and then repented of your sin, God would forgive you and you would be free to live together." They got married, and then, on the cautious advice of another, the man was baptized — "to be sure." God must have had a hard time figuring that one out.

I was guest at a promotional meeting for national advertisement when various "ways" were studied to "make it right with the churches" and at the same time get their contributions.

What man of such experience has not seen or heard of like examples? Our society seems devoid of principle. Brethren who "wouldn't break the law" just find ways around it. The spirit or intent of law — genuine regard for principles of right — are forsaken.

It is not a new situation. Paul warned the Galatians, "Be not deceived, God is not mocked" (Gal. 6:7). We are fooling ourselves; not God. How utterly ridiculous, to think we could cheat God at His own game, and win. It is hypocrisy and spiritual suicide. "What doth Jehovah require of thee but to do justly, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with thy God" (Micah 6:8).