Vol.XV No.VI Pg.8
August 1978

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Each morning as a certain man dressed for work he noticed a feeling of tightness in his throat and a decided flush in his face, although his temperature was normal. He consulted a doctor who, finding no physical problem, suggested he see a psychiatrist. "Perhaps it is the stress of the job that is getting to you."

Lengthy and costly treatments gave him no relief, so he turned to internal medicine. His body chemistry was tuned by special diets, vitamins, and essence of sea-weed — to no avail. The tightness in his throat, and the redness of face returned each morning as he dressed for work. Finally, in desperation, he endured exploratory surgery. He felt quite well at the hospital, but as soon as he returned to his home and job the symptoms reoccurred. So, it seemed clear that he had some terminal disease, beyond the reach of science; and he began to set his house in order to die.

He decided to take a last-time vacation trip, and went to a department store for a new shirt, size 15-33. The salesman took him to the 15-33 counter, but, looking him over, suggested he should buy a 16-33. This irritated the sick man, and he said, "Look, I am in no mood for such talk. I have always worn 15-33, and I want a 15-33 shirt." To which the salesman replied, "No offense intended sir. We will sell you what you want; but I'm telling you, it will make your face turn red, and your eyes bug out."

In our infatuation with big and complicated solutions to problems, we may be overlooking the obvious simple answers. Inflation might be cured if we would work harder for less money. Thousands of dollars are spent on elaborate Gospel Campaigns to do what a few personal workers could accomplish in after-work hours. A proper understanding of the Great Commission will answer volumes of theology.

Sometimes the solution seems complicated or even impossible, because we have not gotten to the bottom of the problem. If a man does not want to believe in God he will not see the mass of evidence presented. We waste our time in argument, when it is persuasion that is needed. Unconverted members will not serve the Lord, no matter how much social "fellowship" one shares with them.

There are red-faced churches that have tried every way to succeed — except, "loosen collar and go to work."