Vol.XV No.VII Pg.2
September 1978

''Again Again, And More

Robert F. Turner

In the June PLAIN TALK (V.15, N.4) the wandering "again" of Mk. 10:10 was discussed, and evoked a surprising response. A call from Duncan, Okla. was followed by a taped discussion, with much good information. A letter from Tucson, Ariz. cited interesting data from early Spanish texts. And there were several requests for "any further information you may obtain."

We were reminded that "again" is an adverb, and unless we supply a verb (like "being") it would modify "questioned" (epeeroton) as in K.J. — "his disciples asked him again." However, the same informant pointed out that the Greek palin (again) could be interpreted "further" (see Arndt and Gingritch) and indicate that the disciples questioned Christ about the same matter discussed with the Pharisees, without indicating they had previously asked re. this subject.

In a Spanish Bible published 1569, revised 1602, hence predating the English King James version, the passage reads: "And in (the) house returned the disciples to ask Him of it (the) same"-- i.e., the same thing. (Excuse the literal syntax in translation.)

Our sincere thanks to all who took time to write. The mail we receive is usually an indication of good will and comradeship in a common quest for truth. Right now we are six or seven questions behind in meeting requests for our "You Know What?" page, but we will get to them as soon as possible.

Wouldn't it be great if more brethren would offer and accept mutual aid in objective Bible study, without impugning motives or feeling they had to defend to the death (of good will, and often of a congregation's peace) every statement they ever made. Is it not a sign of weakness when bluster and shouting (with voice or pen) must take the place of calm scriptural considerations? If this writer does such a thing, please send me a copy of this article as a gentle reminder.

We are thankful to report many good churches at work and growing in size and spirituality. Not all saints are "carried away" with journalistic controversies — nor even take note of them. God has always needed levelheaded, dedicated, hard-working men and women who are truly soul-hungry. It is encouraging to find brethren like this, even in this generation.

Let us be more diligent to learn sound principles of truth, and apply them with a firmness that knows neither compromise nor bitterness. Let us seek heaven's approval, not man's; and let us aim our life accordingly.