Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 15, 1970

How Sound Are You?

Wm. E. Wallace

As a young preacher, 20 years ago, I was startled by the challenge to my conservative stance by a sound elder. He said I was liberal. He had in mind my position on some things we had discussed in Bible class such as taking of oaths in court, the "hat question," and one or two other things. As it turned out, I did occupy a more liberal position than did he on various issues. Yet he and I are both conservative on the major issues before the brotherhood, regarding institutionalism and sponsoring churches.

I am listing issues I have encountered in dealing with brethren. What about all these issues? Are you generally conservative or liberal? I am not going to tell you how I came out after checking over the list, but I am the only one I know who is sound on all of them! Here they are:

1. "Hat Question"

2. Oaths in Civil Court 3. War Question

4. Women Teachers 5. Sunday Night Communion

6. One Child Elders 7. Bachelor Elders

8. No Child Elders 9. No Rule For Elders

10. Limited Benevolence 11. Mini-skirts

12. Swim Suit Recreation 13. Short Wearing By Females

14. Men Playing Basketball in Shorts 15. College With Bible Department

16. Church Business Meetings 17. Majority Rule

18. Working in Liquor Industry 19. Tobacco

20. Class Literature 21. Religious Music At Home On Piano

22. Card Playing 23. College Chorus Singing Spiritual Songs

24. Private Church Services By Overseas Travelers 25. Movies

26. Funeral Flowers From Church Treasury 27. Funerals in Church Building

28. Weddings in Church Building 29. The Masons

30. Personal Indwelling of Holy Spirit 31. Divorce

32. Remarriage 33. Marriage to Non-Believers

34. Formal Confession Before Baptism 35. Literal Breaking of Communion Bread Before Serving

36. Wine Vs. Grape Juice in Communion 37. Family "Christmas" Customs

38. Church Discipline 39. Dancing

40. Church Bonds 41. What To Pray For

42. What Songs Are Unacceptable 43. Partaking of Blood (Acts 15:29).

44. Litigation Against Brother 45. "Fellowship"

46. Sin Against Holy Spirit 47. Diverse Views on Book of Revelation

48. Special Collections 49. Church Support of Institutions

50. Sponsoring Church Arrangements 51. Church Financed Recreation

52. Social Gospel 53. Modernism

54. No Located Preacher 55. One Container in Communion

58. No Sunday School Classes 57. Rebaptism of Christian Church People

68. Church As An Institutional Entity 59. No Church Treasury

60. King James vs. Other Versions 61. Moderate Social Drinking

62. Length of Woman's Hair 63. Church Sending Direct to Preacher vs. Church Sending To Church For Preacher

64. "Church of Christ Meets Here" vs. "Church of Christ" on Signs and Buildings.

65. Incorporated Publishing Businesses 66. Foundations Supporting Preachers

67. United Fund Drives 68. Wearing Of New Clothes on "Easter Sunday"

69. Congregation Withdrawing From Congregation The listing of all these issues does not suggest we put them all in the same categories, yet they all are in the category of issues. Some share with others identification in various categories, but few if any would occupy all categories with all the others! Categories are interesting things, and anyone who speaks of issues being in the same category has a large selection of categories from which to select his meaning.