Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 15, 1970
NUMBER 36, PAGE 4-5a

Fighting Obscenity


Our "permissive" society has practically decided that nothing is obscene anymore. The pornography of ancient Herculaneum and Pompeii (so unspeakably vile that it became necessary to hang curtains over it lest the working men digging out the ruins be corrupted by the sights) would be accepted without comment, and hang casually on the walls of our "nicest" families today. Our Supreme Court may be blamed and castigated for its moral insensitivity in such matters, but let it be remembered that there is a real sense in which the Court but reflects the society of its day. It can have some part, of course, in moulding and shaping that society; and certainly it must bear some responsibility in the moral debacle that has happened to our nation. But society generally is the culprit, and not the Court alone.

All of this poses a serious problem for sincere Christian parents. What can they do to counteract the terrific flood of indecency and obscenity to which both they and their children are constantly exposed? It is obvious, of course, that they can defend themselves to a degree by simply boycotting some of the media which carry the filth; and by letting manufacturers know of their refusal to use products which are advertised by salaciousness. They can let both news journals and broadcasting organizations know of their displeasure. All of which will help to a degree — but will not solve the problem, nor fully meet the needs of the hour!

Since we live in a society that is NOT Christian, and are in constant contact with evil on every side, the only true solution lies in the direction of developing an immunization in the individual rather than in trying to change the environment. It is nice to live in a community free from small-pox; but if one has been properly immunized against the lethal scourge, he can walk unafraid and uncontaminated in the most thoroughly plague-ridden country on earth. That must be the proper method of dealing with evil in the world. We are not going to make any "heaven on earth" of this sin-saturated world; we can only hope to live in it and at the same time keep ourselves "unspotted" from it.

The Counter-Offensive

How can we overcome the effects of obscene literature in our own lives and in the lives of our children? The Gospel Guardian's D.L.O. is surely a part of the answer — "DECENT literature offensive." Let us get positive in our approach; overcome evil with good; fill our homes with GOOD literature while opposing and seeking to ban the evil.

During the 1970's we intend to make a strong effort to get this journal into many thousands of Christian homes. Let children be reared in an atmosphere of believing parents — parents who care enough and are concerned enough to take some positive steps in directing their own reading and their children's reading into proper channels. Instead of movie magazines, sex magazines, current news magazines (mostly featuring violence and sex) being the journals found on the coffee tables and in the magazine racks of Christian homes, why not let some good gospel papers be the things that will catch the eye?

Think what a change it would make if every family in a congregation were receiving a fine gospel paper each week, keeping abreast of the progress of the kingdom of God in various parts of the world, reading and being helped by the many truly useful and instructive articles! Not everybody will read every article, of course (some do); but if such a journal is constantly on hand and in view, it is certain that a great deal MORE of true gospel messages will be read and accepted than if the journal is not even seen. The life of the entire congregation will be invigorated and strengthened by such a move. This has been demonstrated too many times and in too many places even to be questioned. Those congregations (far too few in the land!) which have made it a practice to send some good gospel journal to every family on a regular sustaining basis are generally far better informed, more active, and more productive for the cause of Christ than are the churches where no gospel paper ever goes.

There are many ways YOU, as an individual, can help in this good work. We suggest three of them:

1. Show this issue of the Gospel Guardian to the elders of the congregation where you are a member, and encourage them to use the "congregational subscription plan" to put the paper into the home of every family in the church.

2. If the elders do not act on this matter, then make up a club of individual subscriptions yourself in the congregation, soliciting every family, pointing out the value of such a journal in the home, and encouraging them to subscribe for the paper.

3. Make up your own individual list of "gift subscriptions" — a group of friends to whom you personally send the paper. You can pay for these on the easy monthly installment plan — only $5.00 per month will send the Gospel Guardian to TWENTY families.

Don't satisfy yourself with lamenting and complaining about the flood of obscenity and pornography which is engulfing our nation. Counter attack! Do something positive. Get behind the Gospel Guardian in her DLO offensive!!

F. Y. T.