Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 3, 1964

Can Anyone Help In Lawton, Okla.

Editor, Gospel Guardian Lufkin, Texas

Dear Sir:

In a recent issue of the Gospel Guardian you mentioned that a faithful congregation was being established in Lawton, Oklahoma. The brethren of this congregation Brockland Church of Christ, wish to express our appreciation for this mentioning. We were intending to write you as well as several other publishers, asking them to print this information.

We are trying to raise $125.00 per week support for Bill McMurry to come to Lawton and work with us. This may sound rather high, but house rent and living expenses in Lawton are high. Bro. McMurry is married and has two boys (ages 3 years and 4 months). At the present he is preaching for the Church of Christ on Rockwell Ave. in Oklahoma City.

The city of Lawton has tremendous possibilities for a faithful preacher. The population is 70,000 and is adjoining Ft. Sill military reservation. There are five "liberal" congregations in the city and so far as we know, no recent attempts have been made to establish a faithful New Testament Church here. The situation calls for such a man as Bro. McMurry who puts the truth of God above all else and is not afraid to stand on his convictions.

We need this support to begin for Bro. McMurry around the first of the year. Any one interested in having a hand in combating error in the Lord's church in this area should get in contact with us or Bro. McMurry at once. No 'amount is too small to be considered. Contacts may be made with any of the following:

Joe Watson Bill McMurry 1535 NW 43rd 6908 NW 12

Lawton Oklahoma Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

73505 73107

Phone EL 7-1404 Phone SU 9-9090, SU 9-1428 Bill Holladay

2315 NW 41st Street Lawton, Oklahoma 73505 Phone EL 3-0051