Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 3, 1964

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas


From Dec. 2 through the 9th, James Cope will be with the Expressway church, Louisville, Kentucky, where James Needham is the preacher.

Bob Crawley of Lexington, Kentucky will be with the church in Madrid, Iowa, Nov. 22-29.

Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will be with the church in Port Gibson, Miss., Nov, 30-Dec. 4.

New Creatures

At Humble, Texas, there has been one baptism in recent weeks according to Herbert Thornton, the local preacher.

During an October meeting with the Greenwood Village church, Houston, Texas, there were two baptisms. Herbert Thornton did the preaching. Tom Byers is the local preacher.

During a meeting late in October with the Mount Vista church, Phoenix, Ariz., there were three baptisms. Oliver Murray did the preaching. Harry Hawkins is the local preacher.

Recently there has been one baptism at the church in Globe, Ariz., where Bob Ewell is the preacher.

During a meeting at Holden Heights, Orlando, Fla., with Jim Ward, the local preacher doing the preaching, there was one baptism.

On Oct. 28th one was baptized at the Greens Bayou church, Houston, Texas, according to Ardle Brown, the local evangelist.

Robert L. Love, preacher for the Calmont church, Ft. Worth, Texas, reports a baptism recently.

Two were baptized recently at Claremont, Fla., where Walter Henderson is the preacher.

Ronald Mosby did the preaching in a meeting at Rossville, Georgia. One was baptized. Paul Brock is the local preacher.

Ronald Mosby reports one was baptized during his recent meeting with the Haldeman Ave. church, Louisville, Kentucky, where Cecil Douthitt is the preacher.

News Briefs And Announcements

After four years and eight months with the church in Benton, Ill., E. Lacy Porter has moved to work with the Glen Park church, Gary, Ind.

Because of a decrease in the contributions at the church in Gotebo, Oklahoma, it was necessary for Larry Bunch to move back to Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. His address is Box 385, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. He would like to move and work with some congregation. For references write: Buford Harris, Gotebo, Oklahoma, or Harold Griffin, Lone Wolf, Oklahoma.

A full time preacher is wanted for a congregation in Cordele, Georgia. This church has 55 members. For further information write to the church in Cordele, Georgia.

For places to stay during the Grider-Totty debate Dec. 3-4 contact Paul K. Williams, 7202 Madison Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Phone ST 7-7059.

New Congregations

Parker, Arizona — A new congregation determined to stand for the truth and after the New Testament order is now meeting in Parker. They meet in the building located at the corner of 8th and Kofa. Fred R. Hunter will be doing the preaching. He is being jointly supported by the churches in Wilmington and Garden Grove in California. An invitation is extended to all to worship with this group. For further information write: Fred Hunter, Box 2462, Parker, Arizona.

Lexington, Kentucky — Another church of the Lord began meeting in Lexington, Kentucky, Nov. 4th. It is made up of members from the University church. This new work starts with the blessings and prayers of the University church. Walter Stephens, who was an elder at University has quit his secular job and will be the preacher for the new church. The place of meeting will be at the corner of Liberty Road and Lagonda St. They have already bought property.