Vol.VII No.II Pg.1
April 1970

Little Stories (About A Lot Of People)

Robert F. Turner

Joe Doakes really loves God — he stoutly affirms, every time some nosy person asks why he was not at worship Sunday. He can not understand why any one would think differently; and suspects their seeming interest in him must be a self-righteous covering for hypocrisy. If they would leave him alone, so he could act on his own, he would worship God regularly — maybe.

It has been many months since Joe gathered for prayer with the saints. He says some of those church-tied ninnies seem to think the church building is the only place where one can talk to God. Of course he doesnt pray at home — but he could.

Joe says worship must be directed to God — and a fellows clothes have nothing to do with it. Joe doesnt notice how others are dressed — he is wondering what they think of him. They are probably snickering at his out-of-date suit — when they should be thinking about God. If he had a new suit he would likely resume his place in public worship — after waiting a few months to wear off the newness. You know how some people are — notice all the clothes in the house.

Love God? Serve God? What ridiculous questions! Everyone should know that he loves God and wants to serve God. Why are people always pushing him around? His wife, always saying, Do this! His friend, saying, Joe, will you help me here? And the boss, yelling, Finish that job! No one is going to push Joe Doakes around!!

But Joe listens to his wife — for he loves his wife, and wants to make her happy. And Joe helps his friend, because he appreciates and needs him. And Joe listens to his boss, because he wants his praise, and a raise — and lest he be fired. Joe submits himself to these, because he believes it is to his best interest to do so. Re-examine Joes thinking, and you see he judges others on the basis of his own standards, with thoughts always turned inward. He has not yet learned that to save his life, he must lose it. (Matt. 10:39) Joe does not love and serve God, because he has chosen to love and serve himself (Matt. 6: 24)