Vol.VII No.I Pg.8
March 1970

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

We do not expect this article to appeal to everyone — just those parents who have married off a daughter, or who face that dreadful day in the future. Vivian and I joined the clan several years ago — and lived to marvel that that man who was so unworthy of our girl, could father such wonderful grandchildren, and become such a grand son-in-law. We appreciated the story, heard in California, right down to the last line.

A preacher had given his darling daughter in holy wedlock, and joined the two till death do you part! and then witnessed the loading of the honeymoon car — including the teddy- bear she had kept on her dresser. Mother kissed the young couple, and collapsed in the living room to cry it out; but father bravely carried the last item to the car, and then slowly walked the bride to the side of her waiting husband. Now was the time for those memorable parting words — the warm fatherly advice that would sustain her in trying times — words to live by!! And what did he say? He told me all about it.

Darling, your mother and I have watched you grow from our precious baby to beautiful womanhood. You have brightened our every day, and spread light into the darkest moments of lives. We have never had reason to doubt you, and although you may not always have understood our efforts direct your paths, we want you know that only love, and a since desire to make you happy, have been our motive.

We have tried to give you every benefit we could afford — and we have not regretted a penny spent upon) clothing, shelter, pleasures. and education. We wish we could have done more for you, for there is nothing this world we would not have done you, while you were with us.

But now the time has come to open the cage, and let our darling fly away. You have married a man, a family relation is being formed. much as we love you, and hate to you go, your tie with home is broken. You must depend upon your husband all those things we once gave you, to him for love; go to him for money. Settle your own problems, and learn to live your own life, apart from us.

And if you ever need anything, anything at all — you know you can always call us collect!!