Vol.IV No.XII Pg.1
February 1968

Discussing Differences

Robert F. Turner

January 29, thru February 1, 1968, twenty-nine brethren met in Arlington, Texas to discuss their differences. Each came as an individual, representing no "party" or church, but presenting two basically different views of the "issues" which divide brethren today. No blood was shed; no bruises!

Five major topics were discussed, in the order given: How to Establish Bible Authority; Difference in Church and Individual Action; The Work of the Church; Cooperation of Churches; Attaining and Maintaining Fellowship. Ten men, one on either "side" of each subject, were asked to prepare forty-five minute papers for initial presentation, and be prepared to offer a fifteen minute rebuttal to the opposite view presented; but none knew who would be his opposite. The major speakers, paired in the order of appearance, were: Bros. Roy E. Cogdill, J. D. Thomas; Johnny Ramsey, Floyd Thompson; W. L. Wharton, Gus Nichols; Roy H. Lanier, Sr., Robert F. Turner; Bryan Vinson, Sr., Jimmy Allen.

Following each major discussion three men from each "side" presented talks of fifteen minutes each, either offering new material they felt important, or reviewing old material. This gave opportunity to broaden the subject or offer further rebuttal. Following each major topic, with its minor follow-up, the moderators allowed anyone present to comment, present questions, etc.; allotting five minutes to each speaker. The complete procedure was tape-recorded; and the major and minor addresses are to be published in a book. The five-minute cross-examinations will not be published.

Men present, other than those already named, were: James Adams, Melvin Curry, Buster Dobbs, Harold Fite, Lewis Hale, Clinton Hamilton, Alan Highers, Bill Humble, Hulen Jackson, Alvin Jennings, Reuel Lemmons, Stanley Lovett, Hardeman Nichols, Paul W. Phillips, Harry Pickup, Jr., Franklin Puckett, Dudley Ross Spears, Norman Starling, and Eldred Stephens. Error or omission in above is unintentional.

This Writer Believes The Very Fact Of Such A Meeting Is Encouraging.