Vol.III No.V Pg.1
June 1966

"People" Problems

Robert F. Turner

Lots of folk are "sick" of church troubles and religious differences. BUT FOR VASTLY DIFFERENT REASONS!

With some it is heart-sickness; concern for the cause of Christ, and the furtherance of His gospel. It grieves them to know that sectarian spirits prevail among God's children. Every error taught, every worldly practice, hurts them deeply. Like Paul, the "care of all the churches" weighs heavily upon them.

With others, their pride is hurt. "What will the neighbors say?" they ask; and you soon learn that they are more concerned about how this will affect them personally and socially than they are about the effect upon the neighbor's soul, or their own.

And there are some who are provoked because any "issue" presses a decision upon them. It "hurts" them to think, to study, to come to conclusions. I suspect this also has to do with pride, for they do not like to be reminded they have so little Bible information with which to make decisions. Problems "disturb" them.

Now what will such folk DO about church problems? The first group will pray to God for wisdom, strength and guidance. They will fully investigate the matter to be certain they grasp they the principle involved, and then they will re-study God's word to know truth. They will seek to teach others being concerned for their souls; but they will endorse and practice only that which is divinely authorized, regardless of what others do.

The second group will test the winds, and stay with the majority. They may try to "shame" the minority into line; but failing this, they will minimize the problem -- pretend it does not exist. With noses high in the air, they march serenely on; concerned only that no one associates them with those nasty "anti-s".

And the third group wavers pitifully. "Surely the majority is right," they say -- hopefully. But there is a nagging doubt. It's all so confusing' And they are too weak to DO anything.

So church problems continue, because "people" problems also continue.