Vol.III No.IV Pg.8
May 1966

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

A fellow rarely ever thinks that those who adversely criticize him are real bright. They probably mean well, but just don't know as much about it as he does -- or something like that.

Knowing this bit of human nature, I even take my own reactions to criticism with a bit of salt. If I feel wronged I give myself time to cool; if hurt, time to heal; if puzzled, time to think it over. But one little gem keeps popping up that just leaves me with a cold blank feeling. I'm willing to study, cry, or blow my top -- if someone will clue me in.

"The trouble with you is that you keep trying to teach others what YOU BELIEVE the Bible teaches!!"

Yeahhhh!! That's right, but what can I do about it? Doesn't everybody do the same?? Actually, what else can anyone do??

But my critic tells me that others just "teach the Bible" and say it doesn't make any difference how we believe it. Now does this mean it doesn't make any difference whether we believe the Bible or not? If we "teach the Bible" doesn't this mean we teach what the Bible says? And if we teach what it says -- and this will be WHAT WE BELIEVE IT SAYS -- should we not insist that people believe and act accordingly? So my critic makes one more effort to get through my thick skull. (He tries hard to teach me what HE believes...) "There are many different ways to heaven," he says; "and one is as good as the others." (He proves it by drawing a buggy wheel and showing me that all spokes lead to the hub.)

Well, I must ask my friend another question. (We agree that I'm stubborn) "Do you believe the Bible teaches that the way to heaven is like spokes in a buggy wheel?"

If he says "No" then he's trying to get to heaven on a buggy wheel instead of divine truth. If he says "Yes" then we have established this issue: He believes the Bible teaches a buggy-wheel way of salvation; and I believe the Bible teaches ONE way, truth, and life. (Jn.14:6 Eph.4:4-f)

And he is trying to teach me what HE believes the Bible teaches, and I am trying to teach him what I believe the Bible teaches.... and we are back where we started. What about that???