Vol.XX No.XII Pg.3
February 1984

A Unique Gospel Meeting

Dan S. Shipley

We're having a different kind of gospel meeting here in Lindale this spring. In fact, it's different from any that I've ever been a part of or even heard of. We will be using four preachers, the meeting will last only four nights, yet we are hoping to teach more non-Christians than we've been able to reach in several of our regular meetings. But, equally important, these people will be hearing things that are most appropriate to their particular needs and will even be able to ask questions!

The idea for such a meeting was first suggested to me years ago by my good friend, Robert Mann, elder in the Valley church in Phoenix. We've talked about it a good deal since, but have never really implemented the plan. Now, we intend to and I'd like to encourage other churches to do the same. Here's how we plan to do it.

The meeting is planned for Mon. through Fri., excluding Wed. night so as not to interrupt regular services. In our case, we are asking 16 families to participate. Each family is to invite two non-Christian couples to their home, preferably for an evening meal and for the Bible study to follow. Eating together will serve to "break the ice, allowing them to get acquainted with the preacher and to feel more at ease. It is important that the family inviting the guests make it clear as to the purpose of their coming. Just have them explain that we are having some visiting preachers in town this week and that they, along with our local preacher, will be conducting some special home Bible studies. Also, have them to explain that the meal will be followed by a Bible study of about an hour or so duration. The study will be concluded with coffee and questions.

While each preacher will use his own material, his presentation will include a brief introduction and overview of the Bible, with emphasis on God's will as related to man's need; religious division's cause and cure and the gospel plan of salvation. Other material can be presented as the need and questions arise. As this may be the only opportunity to teach some of these couples, we must emphasize the nature and consequences of sin, along with God's remedy. Our initial goal is to schedule a series of home studies with each of the prospects and encourage them to attend our Bible classes and worship services. If they choose not to study further, we can offer them a Bible correspondence course or give them an appropriate tract.

Obviously, the key to the success of such a plan is a firm commitment from your members. Here, if things go as planned, each preacher will be involved in teaching four non-Christians each of four evenings. That will mean that over 60 non-Christians will hear the gospel in this short meeting! They will hear just what they need. What more could we ask for? Why not try it? It is really not a question of how successful such a meeting will be. Just being able to teach the lost is success in itself! We owe this to the Lord and to lost souls about us! "Lift up your eyes," the fields are white unto harvest.