Vol.XX No.XII Pg.2
February 1984

Finale, And Bulletins

Robert F. Turner

Alexander Campbell divided journalistic efforts into time segments of seven years; and considered closing the Harbinger at the end of his second segment of writing. This editor, certainly no Campbell, worked on a four-year schedule and closes his P.T. work with the fifth period. Is this wise? Who knows? I do know P.T. has a wide influence, and I want to see it leave the scene doing good — leading people to Christ, and NOT to the beat of an editor or writers. But as Campbell wrote, "We have enlisted for the war — for life." God's work must go on. May God help us to make whatever is ahead a work to His glory.

We close the twentieth and final year of Plain Talk with deep appreciation for the vision and dedication of the elders of Oaks-West church, and the backing of the "flock," that has made this paper possible. Sist. Melba Johnson has handled mailing details in recent times (adding and changing addresses, etc.) but sisters MulholIan, McCoy, and Wilbern filled that post in former days. All deserve rich thanks, as do the volunteer workers who sorted, bundled and handled 8,000 papers each month.

Although this editor wrote every line of P.T. for several years, and has always done the greater part, he is deeply grateful for the fine work of others. Joe Fitch began writing for P.T. in Dec. 68; and Dan Shipley, in May 70. Both have served as editor at times, and have contributed heavily to the success of this paper. Shipley has earned "tenure" here, but we cannot forget guest writers who helped greatly, and gave variety.

P.T. Related Announcements

Bros. Shipley and Turner formed a business partnership, furnished the capital, and have been reprinting, indexing, and hard-binding back issues of Plain Talk, for sale. The church has no commercial interest in this, but welcomes the preservation and spread of this material.

Book Five (last four yrs. of P.T.) WILL be reprinted, indexed by subject and scriptures, hardbound, and made available — late in April. Order from SHIPLEY-TURNER, 1608 Sherrard, Burnet, Tx. 78611. Bill sent with the book. Book One (first four yrs.) is out of print, and Two and Three are in short supply. Book Four: 265 copies remain.

COGDELL-TURNER DISCUSSION (written debate on The Church, Congregational Independence, Cooperation, Work of the Church) is available through the Guardian of Truth Bookstore, P.O. Box 88, Fairmount, Ind. 46928. We have no commercial interest in this.