Vol.II No.XII Pg.1
January 1966

For The Love Of God...

Robert F. Turner

She sat across the desk from me -- and asked, with obvious sincerity, almost in desperation, "how can I increase my love for God?"

I felt like thanking her, then and there, for restoring my faith in God's people. Someone really did care about this vitally essential relation to the heavenly Father.

"Why do you feel that you do not love God enough?" I asked.

"I do not do the He wants me to do," was her simple reply. She added, "I want to be a faithful Christian, but I am so weak." Her voice was low, but it conveyed an unmistakable message.

It said, "I am a sinner." It said, "Help thou my unbelief." And it said, "I love God!" Yes, it said that too. "I love God, and recognize His rightful demands of me. I want to serve Him, but I am weak. Help me to be a more faithful Christian."

In contrast I could not keep from thinking of the many who sing, "Oh, How I Love Jesus!" -- on the rare occasions when they assemble with the saints for worship. "I Need Thee Every Hour" -- once a week, or less; depending on fishing conditions. I reminded the contrite sister that God knew her heart. The apostle Paul also felt this struggle between his sincere desire to serve God, and the weakness of the flesh. "What I would, that do I not; but what I hate, that do I." (Rom. 7:15-f) Paul found the solution for this problem in the promise of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. As a positive approach, I urged the sister to more carefully screen her associates (I Cor.15: 33) and to pray more often. (1 Thes.5-17)

And I believe her love for God WILL grow. Her humility, her desire to please God, will feed and nourish this love; and love begets love. Her future looks brighter -- filled with hope. Meantime, the shallow-minded, selfish, and indifferent, will meet -- sing of their love for God -- and grow colder, and colder, and colder.

Oh church-member, be a Christian!!