Vol.II No.XI Pg.8
December 1965

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

This may shock your sensitive soul but TRY to control your emotions long enough to check the scriptures and any good encyclopedia. Please???

A holiday season is upon us; one which I could more fully enjoy without the constant drone to "put Christ" in it. Christ has been "put" in what was originally a purely pagan festival, without His will or consent. There is no NT authorization for the "holy day" accent which apostasy has given this season of good-will, homecoming, and gift-giving. The "Christian significance" is wholly the invention of man.

And, characteristically, man has placed emphasis upon the wrong end of the life of Christ. The birth of Jesus, miraculous and wonderful, was but the beginning of His purpose on earth. "Baby Jesus" is not our Saviour. Prior to the crucifixion Jesus was not yet glorified; (Jn.7:39 12: 23-f. 17:1-f.) His purpose was not yet accomplished.

It is understandably human that men who wish to honor Christ would celebrate His birth (although no reputable scholar contends that Dec.25, really IS His birth date). But the facts are that Christ authorized the celebration of His death. (Matt.26:26 -f. Rom.6:3-4 1 Cor.11:23-f.) Men see death as the end of one's work, but Christ saw death as the very center of His work, the means by which sin-stricken humanity could be saved. Men who urge the "Christ Mass" season make the usual bungle men make when they try to improve on God's plans. Joyous and oftimes revelous celebrants are little impressed by the SAVIOUR Christ. But the humiliating sacrificial death of Christ leaves a different mark on those who truly "remember" it. One does not celebrate such a death (by baptism and the Lord's Supper) except he have faith in that which followed -- the VICTORY of life, for the Lord and for all who follow Him.

And what propriety is there in saying we love the Lord -- while we ignore the celebration He requested, and observe one of our own invention?

So, we'll visit the grandchildren, send greetings to far-away friends, and be thankful for a cheery oasis in a busy year; but we'll let the Lord put "Christian Significance" where He knows it truly belongs.