Vol.X No.I Pg.2
March 1973

A Hodge-Podge

Robert F. Turner

Vivian and I thought it was quite a harrowing experience— driving through a rain-storm in Iowa, and hearing on the car radio that Burnet had suffered a severe tornado. Later, as we read reports from Burnet we realized that our neighbors had had the experience— awakening to find ones house gone, and debris all over the bed. Reports say 300 buildings destroyed or damaged— yet not one death or serious injury. There was no damage to the Shipley or Turner homes, nor to the Oaks-West church building. The Stephenson (an elder), Lynn (deacon), and Annie Graves (faithful widow) homes were damaged; but all thank God for their blessings.

Our elders wish to thank the many concerned folk who have offered help, but report that we can care for our own. We are proud of our Burnet neighbors, who responded wonderfully to the need. I am told Red Cross prepared 300 emergency beds, and only one was used. Burnet homes had opened their doors. I learned (not from Dan) that bro. Shipley was collecting deep freezes, putting them on his current, so our neighbors food would not spoil. Federal aid has been promised, and Burnet will regroup and rebuild. Yes, Burnet is a great little town.

Bro. Kent Ellis was in a meeting with the Oaks-West church the week following the cyclone. I havent heard how the storm affected the meeting, but Kent must agree that Burnet puts on a tremendous introduction. Of course some town wit had to observe, The Lord sure got a lot of calls Saturday morning —and many of them were voices He seldom hears.