Vol.I No.IV Pg.2
April 1964


Robert F. Turner

'S CRISIS - - -

(from page one)

resigned to carnality, we can not end this devilish maelstrom?

Restrictive clauses in our property deeds will not do it. These creeds only catalog the problems we have had in the past. They are not needed in the first generation, and the second and third generation won't apply them.

So, we must go deeper than that. Obvious needs are more thorough Bible knowledge and understanding of basic principles underlying our conclusions. We must not be satisfied with stock answers to Bible questions but must demand a rewording -- making the answer our very own, and avoiding the development of "party" terminology.

We must ask, "Why?" over and over again; and never be satisfied with a "Church of Christ" ("we've always done it that way") answer.

But more important than all these, we must work on the heart. Within a few years after the massive Wall of China was built; it was breached by the enemy. Note: the Wall did not fail, but the gatekeepers were bribed. Our preparations for the next crisis will fail unless we learn to control ourselves. Except we learn whole-hearted dedication to the Lord, we must taste, again and again, the bitter fruits of the flesh.

Ours is an awesome responsibility, But preparation for future crises can not wait. Our children are growing; the years fly away; already we feel the gentle pressure of conformity; and -- say a prayer -- it is soon the second generation. L e t t e r s

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