Vol.I No.II Pg.1
February 1964

"Cockle-Pasted Patsy-Jabbers"

Robert F. Turner

Sometimes our politicians and/or brethren carry on great "battles" that remind me of my childhood. Two boys, each in his own back-yard, with a high board fence between, would begin a "word" bombardment.

One would call, "You're nothin' but a cockle-pasted patsy-jobber," or some other equally appropriate name. The second boy would respond, "Yeah--Well, you're anothern!!"

Whereupon, the first would shout, "You are ten cockle-pasted patsy-jabbers!" And the second would reply, "Ats nuthin! You're hunnert, so there!!" "You're a thousand!" "You're a million!!!" In just a little while a fellow could be a jillion -- drillion cockle-pasted patsy-jabbers, without even climbing off the fence. All of which, of course, only proved "boys."

When we became men we should know that name-calling -- and charges -- of themselves, only prove we have never grown up. We highly favor plain talk, which includes calling a false teacher a false teacher. But an honorable critic is obligated to point out the error, not simply call names. We only compound the wrong by whispering. The Power Behind Name-Calling

Childish shouts of "Patsy-Jabber" did little damage, but adult name-calling can break men and divide churches. The difference lies in the power behind name-calling -- the sectarian "party" spirit, branding, with "liberal" or "anti" labels, would be insignificant were it not for the party spirit that backs groundless charges. But when brethren move blindly, approving or rejecting as their sectarian leader indicates, a name-calling sermon is all it takes to separate life-long friends.

It is sobering to reflect that under such circumstances, the leader could bark at the truth and the party would bite at it.

Battle Demands

To destroy this evil each person must do two things: (1) accept individual responsibility to know and to follow truth. We have no obligation to believe and act "like the church"; and such sectarian allegiance binds us to human fallacies. (2 Cor. 10:12) Our allegiance is to Christ, and this

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