Vol.I No.I Pg.8
January 1964

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

I see by the papers that one of our local "pastors" has been made a "priest". Interesting, if true. It is my pleasure to recall the making of many priests -- kings and priests, in fact. (Rev. 1:6)

There was the case of the trucker-- ex-fighter and rodeo rider. He laid aside his sinful life and put on a robe-- of righteousness, that is. The great King and High Priest, Jesus Christ, made this possible by forgiving his sins, and accepting him as a follower. Made a fine priest too, as I recall. Presented his body a living sacrifice, and offered up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus Christ. (1 Pet. 2:5)

I don't recall his wearing his collar backwards -- fact is, I doubt that he owned a collar. He was just one of the "brethren" and perfectly satisfied with this. (Matt. 23:5-12)

Of course he wasn't one of the denominational "clergy" -- nor a priest after their order. One inspired writer said the Lord Himself would not be such a priest on earth (Heb. 8:4); and the whole idea of an earthly hierarchy is contrary to our King's wishes. (Matt. 20:25-f. Rom. 12:1-5)

Seems to me this local "pastor" has a lot of adjustments to make before he can be a faithful priest according to the Word of God. Let's hope he makes them.


Several years ago a friend and I had a business appointment with a prominent R. Catholic. We went to his office, but the secretary refused to announce us because we asked to see "Mr. _____". "You must ask for Father _____," she insisted.

Well, we were just independent enough not to do it, so we had a stalemate until a kindly gentleman appeared at the door and invited us in. With the door closed, he removed his robe, and we had an enjoyable visit. Sat on the floor, as I remember, and listened to a wire-recorded Harvard debate.

Which proves something or other about the bull of the woods, and the yearlings that are just acting big. A tall man doesn't have to wear elevator shoes.

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