Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 25, 1955
NUMBER 16, PAGE 12b-13

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Congregational Cooperation By Districts

A few weeks ago we saw a copy of a letter that five young preachers in the Texas panhandle wrote to about fifty congregations in the area, "suggesting" that these congregations "cooperate" in the forming of three "districts" in that part of Texas for area-wide young people's meetings. They assured the brethren there would be no organization other than the church, that the "district meetings" would simply be arranged for the convenience of the cooperating congregations. Once the district "AWYMP" (area-wide young people's meeting) is established and accepted, no doubt other enthusiastic young brethren will desire a "regional" YPM; and then a state YPM; and maybe someday we can even get up with the Jehovah's Witnesses and have an international mass meeting, with pictures and write-ups in LIFE Magazine. The church is on the march.

The Abilene Debate

Every week the interest in the forthcoming discussion seems to mount. Some of our Canadian brethren have written that they will try to come; and some of the workers overseas are hoping they can arrange to be in the States for the occasion! The discussion is almost certain to mark a turning point, one way or the other. Either these "cooperative combines" will be re-examined in the light of God's word, and eventually abandoned, and the church will be united as it was before they appeared; or else the brethren promoting them will go on trying to enlarge and extend them, and thus bring forth a new denomination in the land. We are very optimistic as to the final outcome. Contributions to Herald of Truth have decreased by approximately one-third within the past eight months. If that trend continues, we may soon see the end of its unhappy adventure.

'Sophisticated" Thinking

Brother Reuel Lemmons has repeatedly used the expression "sophisticated thinking" in his editorials in the Firm Foundation. Maybe we are missing the point, but as nearly as we can figure it out from the context of his articles what he has in mind is "sophistical" thinking. An article loses nothing by being stated in precise and accurate English.


Once again we thank the friends who continue to send in new subscriptions. They've been coming at an extraordinarily good clip these past few months. So much so that the individual paid subscription list right now is the highest it has been in several years — and growing slowly but steadily. Especially do we appreciate the growing percentage of renewals. There has been a marked increase in our renewal rate just since last spring. We are grateful.


Newspapers a few weeks ago carried reports of the death by snake-bite of George Went Hensley, 75 year old founder of the Dolly Pond Church of God in Grasshopper Settlement near Chattanooga, Tennessee. Hensley was one of the leaders in the fanatical cult of snake-handlers; he had often taken live reptiles into his services, and had been bitten more than once. But last month he met his match in a huge diamondback rattlesnake. There was a macabre touch of humor in the brief verdict of County Judge Hannah Gaskin of Altha, Florida, where the fatality occurred. The coroner's finding was expressed in one word: Suicide.

No Apology Yet

We've had inquiries from quite a number as to whether or not Brother Otis Gatewood has sent us any apology for his deceitful trick in which he tried to entrap the Gospel Guardian into doing something which would give him grounds for charging us with being a "Missionary Society." No; we have received no apology from him for the false statements contained in the letter sent us. Neither have we heard of any word of repudiation or condemnation from the Lubbock elders of his hypocrisy. Also we see where the Gospel Advocate plans to add him to their regular staff of writers. He has now demonstrated his eminent qualifications for such a post.

Tests Of Fellowship

Nearly ever mail brings us letters showing how the "Herald of Truth" arrangement is being promoted into a test of fellowship by its supporters. Brother Obert Henderson, for instance, writes us that a certain congregation had promised to fellowship him in the work at Pullman, Washington, to the extent of $25.00 a month. But before they sent any money, they wrote and asked him how he stood on the Herald of Truth and institutional orphan homes. Receiving his reply, they informed him they would NOT support him in Pullman; that they felt "obligated" (their word) to support Herald of Truth and the institutional homes, and would not support a man who was not favorable to them .... And now who is it that is "drawing the line of fellowship"?

High Standard

The editor of the Firm Foundation has declared that he will not publish anything that he does not believe to be true. A pretty high standard, that! Even higher than the Holy Spirit employed in telling the inspired writers what to put in the Bible. He had them record speeches setting forth error from many false teachers — and even from the devil himself!

Bound Volumes Desired

We have many calls for Volumes One, Two, Three, Four, and Five of the bound Gospel Guardian. If any reader has any of these bound volumes he would be willing to sell, please write us.