Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 24, 1954
NUMBER 8, PAGE 14-15a


Frank Trayler, Ch. (Maj. USAF), 237 Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, June 8: "Brethren, two responded recently and three Airmen were baptized Sunday. The service is held at 1:00 p.m. every Lord's day in Chapel No. 4, Lackland Air Force Base."

Charles Elledge Hill, 2928 Dunford, Fort Worth, Texas, June 9: "I closed a good meeting with Brother R. L. Roberts, Sr. and the church in Decatur, Texas Sunday night. The meeting was very enjoyable in every way. It was a pleasure to be associated with a sound gospel preacher like Brother Roberts. The Decatur Church likes the gospel preached plain and straight. I will return for another meeting there in 1955 the Lord willing. The work at Mitchell Blvd. is growing slowly. Our vacation Bible School and gospel meeting begin June 20. Brother Chester M. Hill will do the preaching. We are looking forward to a great meeting and school. More power to the Gospel Guardian. I like the spirit of the articles much better here of late. We need to discuss these dangers that are so prevalent among us. Such discussion will do us good and make us be more careful. When in this city visit with us at Mitchell Blvd."'

Eaten Macon, Box 101, Richard City, Tennessee, June 10: "Jack Wilhelm, Scottsboro, Alabama, conducted our meeting May 30 - June 6, with the largest crowds nightly in recent years. A man and his wife were baptized. I am now in my third year at this place and have five meetings to hold this year."

Rufus R. Clifford, Box 282, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, June 12: "I was with the Taylor Blvd. Church in Louisville, Kentucky in a good meeting during May. Five were baptized and one restored. The church, with Grover Stevens and Harold Hazelip as evangelists, is doing a remarkable work in that large city. Four have been baptized here. We just closed our largest VBS to date. I begin tomorrow with the Hamill Road Church of Chattanooga, Tennessee."

Olen Holderby, Coalinga, California, June 7: "There have been nine added to the church here the past five weeks. We're having capacity crowds almost every week. Albert Lovelady of Fresno did the preaching in a recent short meeting here, in which one was baptized. Marital problems was the general theme of the meeting. His lessons were thoroughly enjoyed by all. We thank God for our progress, in peace."

A RELIGIOUS DEBATE WITH A BAPTIST PREACHER — AUGUST 23-28, 1954 James P. Needham, Haynesville, Louisiana: "Harold V. Trimble. gospel preacher of San Antonio, Texas, will meet W. C. Nevil, Baptist preacher, in a religious discussion on the dates mentioned above. The debate will be held in a large tent about eight miles east of Kenton Tennessee. if you come from the north, or about five miles east of Rutherford, Tennessee if you come from the south, and about 10 miles west of Bradford, Tennessee if you come from the east. The community goes by the name of Walnut Grove, and the tent will be located on Brother Lee Paschal's property, presumably directly across the road from the Baptist church building and cemetery. You should have no trouble finding it. This community is predominantly Baptist. Two propositions will be discussed. W. C. Nevil will affirm for three nights that salvation is by faith without further acts of obedience, and Brother Trimble will affirm for three nights that salvation is predicated upon faith plus other acts of obedience such as repentance, and baptism in water. This should be an outstanding debate, and you will profit by coming. Brother Trimble has already proven to be highly successful in debating. Sleeping quarters can easily be secured in the nearby towns."

James P. Miller, 401 East Lambert. Tampa, Florida, June 10: "The present meeting with the Clements Street Church in Paducah, Kentucky in the first four days has seen eleven baptized. Prospects for a great meeting are bright.

Joe H. Morris is doing a fine work in his home town. I go on June 20th to the Silver Street Church in New Albany, Indiana. Robert Williams is the preacher."

E. M. West, Jr., Lindsay, California: "On July 17, 1953 I began work with the church here in Lindsay. Since that date there have been 15 baptized, 29 restored and eight identified with us. The work has been enjoyable from every standpoint. For some time some have had the idea that a preacher could not stay here any length of time due to trouble in the church. This is surely not the truth and is an injustice to the fine brethren here. There has been a great deal of trouble in the past, but thanks to these folks it is completely in the past. Lord willing we will begin the work with the church in Anaheim, California the middle of July. We are leaving for health reasons. My son and myself have suffered from asthma and hay fever since moving to the San Joaquin Valley. Worship with us when in the vicinity of Anaheim."

Roy E. Cogdill, Lufkin, Texas, June 8: "I enjoyed good meetings recently at both Danville and Harrodsburg, Kentucky. There were seven added at Danville and four added at Harrodsburg. These congregations in central Kentucky have a bright future in this section where digression wrecked the church completely and premillennialism has hindered much in more recent years. Some fine faithful gospel preachers are doing a great work in that area now. Brother Kelley Ellis, who preaches for the Harrodsburg congregation, is a fine congenial fellow-worker and a capable, faithful gospel preacher. These two meetings were supported by the two churches in Bowling Green, Park Street and Twelfth Street, and the Mt. Pleasant Church near there. Our meeting at Russellville, where Brother Herschel Patton lives and labors is now six days old with seven additions thus far and fine crowds and interest. I begin at Lewisville, Texas Monday night, June 14, and return to Ontario, Canada, for another meeting the last Sunday in June and the first two Sundays in July in Huntsville where there are only three members of the church. If there are members of the Lord's Church anywhere who would like to help out in a "mission" meeting by doing personal work during a vacation in a beautiful and interesting "air conditioned" country, make your plans to be with us in Huntsville, Ontario June 27 to July 11."

R. C. Copeland, Jr., 410 South College Avenue, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, June 6: "Two baptized, one restored in morning service. Our meeting, with Brother C. R. Nichol preaching and Lowell Brown of Stilwell, Oklahoma directing the singing, will begin June 22. Continue to read and study articles in the Guardian. "Ancient Landmarks" is a good way to promote growth of the church. Hope more churches will use them. I have time for one meeting latter July or first of August."

Comanche Church Building Burns

M. F. Manchester, Comanche, Texas: "Last Lord's day evening, June 6, we had gathered for the evening service and we discovered that our lights would not come on. While working with them, fire broke through the roof near one of the air conditioners, and with the help of a high south wind all was soon lost as the congregation looked on with broken hearts. The loss to the church was twenty thousand dollars or more and we only had six thousand dollars insurance. Inasmuch as we have no wealthy members the burden of rebuilding will be great if we have to go it alone. We want the brethren to know that the church here is faithful and loyal to the word of God and has done much for the cause we all love in the years that are past. If any congregation desires to help us in our time of distress it will be appreciated and used to the glory of God in His service. As long as I have been the preacher here, and I am sure this is true in the years that are past, this church has not failed to help when another church was in trouble, that was more than they could bear alone, and now we could use some. Anyone that finds it in their heart to help should send their check to the Church of Christ, Comanche, Texas."

Joseph Sherman, 614 South 6th Street, Yakima, Washington, June 7: "Sixty four people have come forward in Yakima since I moved here less than a year ago, twenty six of them were baptized during that time. Six people responded during a protracted meeting in which J. C. Bailey of Canada preached. Two, a doctor and a young mother, were baptized during the meeting. Worship with us at 607 West Lenox Ave. when visiting Yakima."

Paul C. Keller, Thyatira, Mississippi: "We have recently concluded our Vacation Bible School. This is the second such school conducted by the church at Thyatira. Average daily attendance this years was thirty five percent above that of the previous school. The work here continues to move along in a good way."

J. T. Marlin, 4th and Elm, Sweetwater, Texas: "Recently six have responded to the invitation at 4th and Elm, two of the number being baptized. I have just closed an 8-day meeting with the church at Hereford, Texas. All of the sermons were directed to members of the church. Seven were baptized and 16 restored. A new record was set in Bible School attendance. This is a good congregation. Bob Ware has done a good work for the past eight years."