Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 24, 1954

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

No Paper Next Week

In keeping with our established policy and the terms of our mailing permit, we publish no paper the first week in July. That means there will be no Gospel Guardian in your box next week. This brief respite at the beginning of summer gives our typesetters, pressmen, mail clerks, writers and editor (not to mention the readers!) a few days out for that "seventh inning stretch." But look for the paper as usual week after next. Some articles of more than usual interest are on the way. Don't miss a single issue. Check your address label for expiration date. It is a real help to us if you can renew before the expiration date rather than waiting till the last day.

Two Year Subscriptions

For some reason which we don't quite fathom we have been receiving a rather appreciable number of two and three year subscriptions these last few months — considerably more than average. Thanks!

Vacation Bible Schools

Many congregations are finding they can conduct a very fine Vacation Bible School late in the summer — late July or August — just as successfully as in June. We are handling the full series of lessons by Marian White — courses that have been tried and proven by hundreds of congregations — and will be glad to send you samples for inspection. The full sample kit is returnable within thirty days without charge.

That "Social" Drink

Did you hear about the eminent jurist who was invited to a fashionable cocktail party, and was offered a drink by the hostess with, "Will you try one?" To which the judge replied, "I won't; but I've tried many a man who has."

Sold Out

Sorry, but we are completely sold out of the Bound Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4, of the Gospel Guardian. We have a few of Volume 5 still available, but don't think that supply will last very long.

The Restrictive Clause

We know a church in New Mexico that used to have a restrictive clause in the deed (against instrumental music). Then a few years ago they removed it. This year another congregation was started in that town, and when they inserted a restrictive clause in their deed, the original congregation promptly withdrew fellowship from them! If anybody doubts this, we have seen either the original or photostatic copies of all the documents involved. And that's what happened!

Setting The Record Straight

"Dear Brother Tant: Recently a Nashville newspaper published a story about the Bible School attendance at Madison, Tennessee. The reporter referred to this record attendance of 2317 and made it appear as if this church was competing with the Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock. He used such terms as 'friendly feud,' 'contest,' etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. The church at Broadway rejoices in the growth of every loyal church of Christ in the world. The elders here sent Brother Alan Bryan to Nashville, Tennessee to conduct a teacher training course at Madison, and Brother Bryan spent hours in helping them to enlarge their attendance. We here want to teach the Bible to as many people as possible, and hope every church will do more Bible teaching day by day and week by week. Incidentally, most preachers have had the experience of being misquoted in a newspaper article and being called 'Reverend,' 'Pastor,' etc. Of course Brother North nor Brother Young wear any religious title whether it be 'Doctor; 'Reverend' or 'Preacher'."

— Raleigh Martin


Broadway Church of Christ Lubbock, Texas

More To Follow

We published an article from Brother E. R. Harper last week entitled, "Tant's Apology." We have one in this week, "The Judgment Lies Ahead." We have two more from Brother Harper on hand, "For the Record" and "Adams Answered On the Society." We are grateful for these articles from Brother Harper. We are convinced that if he will keep writing long enough to write a close, careful analysis of "What Is Wrong With the Missionary Society," his enthusiasm for "Herald of Truth" will chill considerably.

Comanche Church Burns

In the news columns this week we carry a brief report from Brother M. F. Manchester telling of the loss of the Comanche, Texas church building by fire. This is the sort of "emergency" that justifies a real sacrifice on the part of all, and should call forth a generous response from many. We hope brethren generally will rally to the aid of the Comanche congregation which through the years has always stood firm for the truth.

Hydramatic Handshake

The high schoolers can be depended on to come up with new ways of saying things. We've recently heard their description of what we used to call the "dead-fish" handshake. The modern generation calls it the "hydramatic handshake" — no clutch. Every preacher knows what they mean.

"Break With Catholicism" — Tract?

Two months ago we published in two issues a speech by Emmett McLoughlin, ex-priest of the Franciscan order, entitled "My Break With Roman Catholicism." We've had a number of requests to put this speech in tract form, and Mr. McLoughlin has graciously given his consent. We're wondering if there is enough interest generally to justify it? The tract would sell for 20 cents per copy; $2.00 per dozen. And $15.00 per one hundred. If you are interested, drop us a line (send no money), and we'll see if there is sufficient demand to justify the tract. Incidentally, McLoughlin's book "People's Padre" continues to sell at a phenomenal rate. It gives the full story of his life as a priest and his final break with the hierarchy. We have the book in stock now. It sells for $3.95.

Volume Five

The Bound Volume (No. 5) of Gospel Guardian has come back from the bindery, and is now being mailed out to all who sent in advance orders. It looks like the whole supply is going to be exhausted almost as fast as we can mail them out. If you want one, you should order it immediately. The price is $5.00: