Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 10, 1955

Prevaricators, Et Al.

Homer Putnam Reeves (Gospel Advocate)

They asked whether I had read the write-up in a certain scandal sheet. I responded that I was quite unaware of a smear article; in fact, I did not know the pitiful little sheet was still being published. They asked whether I would like a copy. I said, "No, thank you." They wondered whether I would respond. To this I stated, "No, my friends all know me; they don't need an explanation. They will quickly detect any fabrication. Those who do not know me, if honest, will think twice before they take the word of a character assassin. And of course, my enemies would not believe anything I might say. So, what's the use ? It should be added that all liars will have their portion in-the lake of brimstone. The benighted soul who deliberately smears the good name and tries to cast a cloud upon the reputation of a faithful disciple is not fit to associate with penitentiary convicts. And a paper that traffics in such is not fit for consumption by Christ-minded people. Amen.