Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 29, 1954
NUMBER 50, PAGE 14-15


F. B. Shepherd, 1732 Keeaumoku, Honolulu, T. H., April 12: "Last week I returned to the islands for at least another twelve months. Held meeting in Los Angeles and Dodge City, Kansas, while on the mainland. Our major project for this year, aside from the duties of the church to preach to the lost and edify the saints, will be to erect a new building to replace the present structure which is becoming dangerous as a place of congregating audiences and classes. We shall have to receive some help from interested saints. Many who have been here during the past six years are aware of our needs and financial condition. We know a number of them will want to make an investment in this new plant in which to carry forward the work of our Master. Visitors to the Island should contact us at 67952 or 999099. Mailing address is as above."

Everyone Is Invited To Hear

NEWMAN LEONARD (Christ of Christ) Versus ARTHUR J. GUESS (Southern Missionary Baptist) discuss "The Establishment of the Church" April 19-20 "The Purpose of Baptism" April 21-22 7:30 Each Evening AT EAST TOWN CHURCH OF CHRIST Corner of St. Cyril at Georgia Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Maj.) USAF, P. O. Box 207, Boerne, Texas, April 11: "We had 130 present today at 1:00 p.m. in our service in Chapel No. 4, Lackland Air Force Base. One Airman was restored and a Methodist Airman was baptized into Christ."

Jesse M. Kelley, Box 1381, Port Arthur, Texas, April 14: "The DeQueen Boulevard work is moving along in a commendable way. Since our last report several have been baptized, others restored, and some have placed member ship with us. Construction on a four bedroom home for the preacher will begin next week. Our attendance and contribution continue to exceed the previous week almost every Sunday. James W. Adams will hold our spring meeting beginning April 29. We are looking forward to our greatest meeting yet."

Garnie Atkisson, Fort Morgan, Colorado, April 12: "Gorin Rutherford of Loveland, Colorado, closed a good meeting here last night. Three were baptized. The largest crowds ever to assemble gathered the last Sunday of the meeting. Brother Rutherford is a very capable preacher and will do any congregation much good in a meeting. The church in northeastern Colorado is growing. We began a three-day a week radio program here March 15th. The church in Akron is building a new residence for the preacher. The church in Wray is building a new meeting house, and the church in Sterling will have the opening of their new auditorium April 18th. Two and one-half years ago the Cause was very weak in this part of the country. Many people are moving here to work in the oil fields. The membership has more than doubled in the last ten months here in Fort Morgan. May God have all the glory and praise for what is being accomplished."

Willis G. Jernigan, 1401 Ash Street, Commerce, Texas, April 12: "The Kamay, Texas, meeting closed Wednesday night. Six were baptized and four restored. I begin at Carrizo Springs, Texas. April 19th. Brother Ralph Russell is the fine gospel preacher there."

Olen Holderby, Coalinga, California, April 6: 'We are happy to note our eleven additions here the past three weeks: seven baptisms, three restorations, one by membership. Our meeting in Tranquility, California, was considered a fine success. Perhaps other announcements have been given as to its results. I am to be in a ten day meeting in Fresno, Louis and Bond, beginning April 12th. We look forward to being with the good brethren there in a good meeting."

C. J. Kirkpatrick, Marietta, Ohio, April 16: "Twelve people have been baptized here since the first of the year by Brother Eddie Couch and the writer. There were also several restorations."

Charles E. Crouch, 530 W. University Parkway, Baltimore 10, Maryland, April 5: "One was baptized yesterday at University Parkway in Baltimore. Previously this year one was baptized, nine confessed wrong-doing, and eleven placed membership with us. Although fifty members left University Parkway last September to begin the congregation in Essex, Maryland, this church continues to grow. Attendance at our services is almost as good as before the new church began. Average Sunday morning Bible Study attendance is 141, compared with the 1963 first quarter average of 147. The average weekly contribution thus far this year is as high as for the same period in 1953. Earl West of Henderson, Tennessee, is to be with us in our spring meeting from May 30th through June 9th."

O. E. Correll, Kinmundy, Illinois, April 17: "I received a very warm welcome at the West Side Church of Christ in Marion, Indiana, on April 11th. I was with these brethren in a one week meeting last fall. Four precious souls were added to this little group of brethren at that time. One by confession and baptism, one restored, two placed membership. I will have time for a few meetings in July and August of this year. Any brethren wishing me to come during these two months, write me soon."

M. A. Mansur, 1405 Richardson, Columbia, Missouri, April 14: "The work at the Paris Road Church of Christ continues to progress in a very fine way. Last Sunday marked the close of our gospel meeting, in which my son, Don D. Mansur, evangelist of Lakeview, Oregon, did the preaching in a very fine and capable manner. Although there were only two visible responses to the gospel we cannot determine the great and lasting good which was accomplished. Our all time high attendance records were broken during the meeting, and the contribution for the last two Sundays jumped far above all previous records, reaching a total of $501.24 for the two Sundays during our meeting; for which we thank and praise the Lord. We seek an interest in your prayers, and when in this area come and worship with us."

J. T. Marlin, Sweetwater, Texas, April 19: "Last night I began a meeting with the Pioneer Park congregation in Lubbock, Texas. W. R. Jones has just moved to this congregation. Last week I closed a meeting with the River-wood Church in Nashville. Tennessee. This congregation is less than three years old and has wonderful possibilities. Three were baptized. Kirk Blankenship is the local evangelist. The work at 4th and Elm continues to go forward."

Ray D. Fullerton, Jr., 214 Clear Lake Road, Highlands. Texas, April 19: "January 20 marked the completion of my first year in Highlands, and while no report was given during that period our growth has continued. There were thirty-two baptisms, one restoration, twenty-seven confessions of public sin, and twelve memberships placed. Giving by the church increased to $16,713.12 in 1953 from $10,959.59 in 1952. Two additional elders and four additional deacons were appointed during the year. We have begun construction on our new air-conditioned auditorium to seat 504, and we hope to occupy it by August 1st."

Ross O. Spears, Bolivar, Missouri, April 16: "Brother A. C. Williams of Sand Springs, Oklahoma, has just closed a ten day meeting here with one baptized and much good done for the encouragement of the church. This is a difficult mission field. We are in need of all information regarding those who may be living in this section or who may be moving here that we may contact them."

H. I. Taylor, P. O. Box 4011, Austin, Texas, April 14: "I do not send in reports as often as I should but it is not because I would be prejudiced to have it appear in the Guardian. I certainly appreciate many of the articles in the Guardian. I have from time to time subscribed to the Guardian for the elders here and had it come into their homes. I paid for it myself. I recently returned from a meeting in Weslaco in which there were nine baptized and two restored. We baptized three here last Lord's day."

John T. Overbey, 2748 East 15th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 19: "The work at Fifteenth Street moves along in a commendable way. Brother Yater Tant was with us in a gospel meeting April 4-11. There were eight responses to the invitation, two of which were baptisms. Another was baptized on the Wednesday night following the meeting. I shall be with the Thayer Street Church in Akron, Ohio, in a gospel meeting April 18-28; and with the church in Hickory, North Carolina, May 2-9."

Lloyd Moyer, 309 - 36th Street, Richmond, California, April 12: "I met E. E. Crawford, a Missionary Baptist preacher, in a four night debate in Oroville, California, last week. My brother, Forrest Darrell Moyer, moderated for me. Overflowing crowds every night and I believe that much good was accomplished. The work in Richmond continues to go well. We are having over three hundred in Bible classes. Since my last report we have had thirty-one baptisms, twenty-eight restored, and fourteen by membership."

LeRoy W. Thompson, 1720 Brown Street, Bakersfield, California, April 15: "We are closing five years of interesting and we trust profitable work with the good church meeting at 1431 Lincoln Street here in Bakersfield. Our plans are at present to locate with some good church as local evangelist, and would like to contact some church that is changing evangelist about July 1st this year. The church here has not grown by leaps and bounds but has had a steady growth all along during our stay with them. My leaving them is by mutual consent with the elders and myself. I give them as reference to my work and life, also how I do my local work. Any congregation making a change then or earlier may contact me at the above address. Will give a summary of our work with this congregation to anyone desiring it."

Mack Kercheville, 59 Luna Street, El Paso, Texas, April 12: "From April 6th to 8th I spent three days working with Brother Joe Gomez, of Las Vegas, New Mexico, in a new work started in a small community called Ojo Feliz near Las Vegas. A small Spanish Presbyterian Church has been almost completely wiped out by Brother Gomez's efforts in this community and a new church of Christ started in its place. Brother Gomez is one of the hardest workers in the Spanish speaking field. He preaches or teaches a class almost every night somewhere within a radius of 50 miles of Las Vegas. A number of small congregations have been started as a result. He does all this in addition to carrying the regular load of work as the preacher for the Spanish Church in Las Vegas and makes his living as a contractor besides. The opportunities are great among the Spanish speaking people of northern New Mexico. Brother Gomez needs and deserves full-time support. Neither the Spanish nor the Anglo Church in Las Vegas can help much. This man can make $200 a week as a contractor, but he prefers to receive $75.00 or $85.00 per week, a bare living considering his family responsibility, as a preacher of the gospel, and give all his time to it. Two churches are already helping some, but others are needed. Anyone interested in this field should write to: Mr. Joe Gomez, 1427 Eighth Street, Las Vegas, New Mexico."