Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 29, 1954

The Overflow

F. Y. T.


Remember we reported a few weeks ago that Brother Ira Y. Rice, Jr. was seeking a "sponsoring" church to send him to Singapore? And that the Washington Church where he had preached was sending out appeals all over the country to beg help in realizing "this gigantic vision of ours" to send Ira to Singapore? (This congregation was unable to make more than a token contribution to Ira's venture, since they were already so heavily committed to the support of "Herald of Truth.") Well, everybody can relax now and get back to normal. A crisis has been averted; a catastrophe has been avoided. One of the Dallas churches has agreed to "sponsor" the Singapore venture. All that is needful now is for other churches to put up the money. Easy, ain't it?

Stiff Competition

Floyd Embree of Ontario, California, sends us a clipping from the Firm Foundation in which a preacher advertises for work as follows: "Attention Elders: Any congregation that is looking for a preacher who is willing to work in the Lord's vineyard twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, should contact me .... teach music and chorus organization, sincerely believe in working with young people and with their problems, have had three years radio experience, am not an "anti" of any sort .. . . etc., etc." for a considerable space. Writes Embree, "I quit! I've developed ulcers trying to go a mere 12 to 16 hours a day. I can't meet this kind of competition!"


When you get this paper the editor will be in a meeting in Dyersburg, Tennessee, (April 26 - May 2). In nearly thirty years of preaching this is his first meeting in West Tennessee.

Snuff Sunday

The men's class in First Christian Church at Tyler, Texas, has among its various activities the unusual project of getting together money to buy snuff for the old people in an Old Folks Home in that area. A certain Sunday is set aside each year, designated as "Snuff Sunday" and donations are taken up for this cause. Since this is surely a "good work" do we not have a wide-awake eldership in the Churches of Christ somewhere with enough vision to "sponsor" a "Snuff Sunday" for some of our old folks? Are we a bunch of lazy, cantankerous, megacephalous, blatherskite critics who are always "agin" everything? Don't we believe in the Great Commission? Who will volunteer to sponsor this great work? Who has the vision? Step right up, folks!

Why Not?

We know of one Texas congregation in which it was seriously proposed by a deacon in a business meeting that all mission work being done by that congregation (several projects) be summarily discontinued and the funds be turned over to the "Herald of Truth." It was felt that "these brethren can accomplish so much more with the money than we can" that it ought to be entrusted to them. Wiser counsel finally prevailed, and the proposal was rejected. But how about next time?

Cogdills Recovering

Further X-ray examination has revealed that Brother Cogdill's injuries from his recent accident were somewhat more serious than believed; a fractured hip will keep him on crutches for perhaps two months. He expects to go ahead with his meeting schedule however in spite of the injury, and is right now in a meeting in Tarrant, Alabama. Sister Cogdill is still in a body cast, and is recovering very satisfactorily. She is at home in Lufkin.

How long?

How long since you heard a sermon on "Why Instrumental Music In the Worship Is Sinful"? You'll hear one in nearly every gospel meeting. Now, how long since you have heard a sermon on "What Is Wrong With the Missionary Society"? There are thousands of Christians who never heard such a sermon. Is it any wonder we have a generation that is now ripe for apostasy along these lines?

Still Waiting

We are still waiting for those articles promised us by Brother Logan Buchanan on "What Is Wrong With the Missionary Society?", and Brother E. R. Harper on "The Lufkin Cooperation Plan." We will publish them when we receive them. To date we have had not a word from either of these brethren subsequent to the Abilene lectures. We are hopeful this lengthening silence indicates deep and serious study by both of them. Of course it would have been much better for all if they had studied the question before they promoted the project — but better late than never!

Just In Case

Then there was the fellow who made a special provision in his will reserving the right to come back and get it — in case anybody ever discovered a way by which you could take it with you.

Holt-Brewer Debate

We are happy to report that real progress is being made in the matter of a debate between Charles A. Holt, Jr. and G. C. Brewer in Indianapolis this fall. Brother W. L. Totty, minister of Garfield Heights Church there, states that Brother Brewer has agreed to the propositions and has agreed to come to Indianapolis and meet Holt. We sincerely rejoice in this discussion. No man in the church has done more to promote "institutionalism" among the disciples than has Brother Brewer. He is the logical man to defend these ideas and concepts — concepts which thousands of sincere Christians are firmly convinced can end only in apostasy from the truth. A brotherly discussion, with an earnest desire to determine the true teachings of God's word, can bring nothing but good. We will be making further announcements about the discussion as the plans develop and mature.