Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 28, 1953
NUMBER 4, PAGE 14-15


Floyd Embree, 1203 Merchant, Artesia, New Mexico, May 17: "Several have been identified with this congregation of late, and a few restored. I go to Medford, Oregon, June 7-14 for a meeting with the church there. Brother Maurice Tisdel is the preacher there and I look forward to working with him and the good church there. I hope to spend the month of June in the Northwest."


Irvin Himmel, 4541 Birkenhead Rd., Jacksonville, Florida, May 19: "The church at Lake Shore has just concluded a good meeting with John B. Hardeman of. Obion, Tenn., doing the preaching. One placed membership and one was baptized. Last Lord's day there were two restorations. We are completing an addition to our building."


M. C. Cuthbertson, Box 6343, Tucson, Arizona, May 14: "Country Club Road Church of Christ has had two wonderful weeks of work. Seven have been baptized, three have come from the Christian Church, and three have come by membership. All those baptized were grown and married except one; all but one were from man-made churches. Two of them are American born Mexicans, whom we have taught in our home — a fine man and his wife. She had been a life-long Catholic. One was a Baptist Sunday school teacher; one from the Episcopal Church. Most of them have been attending one of our classes conducted during the week."


A. L. Harbin, 109 - 14th St., Vallejo, California, May 14: "Roy E. Cogdill preached and Kenneth Hunting led singing in our meeting which closed Sunday night. Attendance and interest were increasingly good throughout the entire eleven days. Some forty or more preachers were in attendance, and almost every congregation in the Bay Area was represented at least once during the meeting. Visible results were three identified and one restored. Brother Cogdill is to be with us again in March of 1954."


Truman Carney, 6150 S. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri, May 18: "The work continues with interest at Spring and Blaine. One was baptized yesterday. During our meeting, May 3-14, one was baptized and six placed membership. Brother Wilson Wallace did the preaching. Congregations will make no mistake in calling him for a meeting if they desire sound preaching. Our Vacation Bible School will be June 15-26."


Can You Help Me?

All over this nation, so-called "Faith-healers" are on the rampage with their deception of people. Their claims are a direct contradiction of the Word of God and a challenge to His church.

It is my desire to put something into print which will meet this challenge as it needs to be met. To do this, at least two things must be accomplished: (1) show that their teaching is contradictory of the Bible, and (2) their claims and "testimonies" must be exposed as fraudulent. It is on the latter point that I am asking for the help of whomever may be able to give it.

Here is how you could help: send to me the facts in any case about which you have knowledge which can be verified in which the claim of the "Pentecostals" was clearly shown to be false. Here is an example of what I mean. A physician friend of mine told me of this instance. He had been treating a little girl who had had polio. She was unable to walk except with the aid of crutches. One day the, physician heard through friends that the little girl had been "healed" at a local "healing-campaign." The mother had testified that the little girl no longer needed the crutches. Not long after that he was called to the home of the little girl and found that she was no better at all, she still needed the crutches in order to walk. When asked about her "healing," the little girl said that she could walk for just a little bit without them, but had to go back to them.

Cases which can be verified by newspaper accounts are especially good. There are other ways by which these things can be verified and I would be glad to have them all. If you were an eye-witness to an event and are willing to notarize your statement, this would be fine. If newspaper account, please give name of paper and date.

I would appreciate a quick response to this appeal. Just address your material to Thomas B. Warren, 1327 -14th Street, Galena Park, Texas.

— Thomas B. Warren Thornton Crews, Box 411, Cushing, Oklahoma: "One week week ago this morning I baptized a lady in her eightieth year. It was her sixty-first wedding anniversary. On May 10th Brother Charles E. Parker of Miami, Okla., closed a good meeting here with two baptized and two confessions of wrong doing. I will close my work here on May 24th, and will start on my move to Florida on Monday, May 25th. Brother Ted McElroy will move in during the week and will begin his work with the congregation on May 31st. My address until I get my house built will be 1701 East Baars St., Pensacola, Florida. It then will be Route 5, Cove Avenue. For some time Mrs. Crews and I have felt run down and lifeless. Some six weeks ago, we both had a complete check-up. She has high blood pressure and a heart ailment. I had only forty percent hemoglobin and almost a million and a half too few red corpuscles. Yesterday we went back to the doctor for a final check-up here and we are very happy that Mrs. Crews is doing as well as can be expected, and my blood is nearing a normal condition. Hence, we are looking forward to a pleasant and profitable work with the Bellview congregation in Pensacola. They are just completing a big nylon plant there and will employ about 8,000 people when it is finished. There will be many good jobs for good people. Write me if you are interested in moving to Florida and I will do all that I can to help you get pleasantly located."


Frank Trayler, Chaplain (Major) USAF, AO-426143, Hq. 8th Fighter Bomber Wing, APO 970, care of Postmaster, San Francisco, California, May 21: "We reaped our 'first fruits' since arriving in Korea last night in a baptismal service in a public bath house in Suwon. Two Airmen were baptized into Christ. The tank was 6 feet by 6 feet, and a yard deep. You see, the Koreans build wood fires to heat the tanks scalding hot, so they can pour hot water over their bodies — so the interior of the house was smoked black like a blacksmith shop, and was as small as a smokehouse. Although our bodies were cramped, our spirits were unbound as these men obeyed the Gospel of Christ."


Floyd H. Horton, Los Angeles, California, May 19: "There been two baptisms at Central so far during the month of May. The last of April we had an eight days' meeting dealing with church history, during which time we used 14 speakers from the Los Angeles and San Francisco area. There were good crowds and a splendid interest manifested during that meeting. Last evening I closed an eight days' meeting with the church in Burbank, Calif. This was an enjoyable meeting to me, and there was a splendid interest manifested in that meeting. Brother Lee Rawlings is doing a splendid work with that congregation. Beginning Wednesday, July 1st, Brother Homer Hailey of Florida Christian College, Tampa, Florida, will be with Central in a 12 days' meeting. If you are planning a vacation this way during the summer, we should be happy to have you attend some during that meeting. When you are in Los Angeles, you will find a welcome when you meet for worship at Central church."


Alamogordo, New Mexico March 26, 1953 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

This letter will introduce to you Brother Tice Elkins and Sister Elkins. And it is our desire to state to anyone in particular; and to the brotherhood in general, that they are members of the church in good standing, and in full fellowship with the church in Alamorgodo. We wish to further state that the reason for their leaving here was the health of Brother Elkins, and upon the doctor's orders.

Brother Elkins needs no introduction to the brotherhood, as he has spent more than fifty years in proclaiming the gospel. And until his broken health forced him to retire he was actively engaged in preaching for the congregation here. He is an able preacher and an excellent teacher of the Bible, sound in doctrine and zealous in the work of the Lord. We recommend him to you as such, and know that if God will grant him the health, he will be very useful to you in the work of the church.

Sister Elkins is one of God's own people, and we know that as you learn to know her, you will love her as we do.

We did not like to lose them from our midst, but God knows best. And our prayers go with them always, that God will bless them with health and strength, and crown their every effort in the service of the Master with success.

Signed: Rollie B. Rankin, Evangelist James R. Cooper E. A. Robison Elders May 19, 1953 APPENDIX BY TICE ELKINS:

I send this letter to the papers for the one and only purpose of letting every one know that my health is improving. "Ma" Elkins and I have not transferred our membership to any other place since leaving our home in Alamogordo, nor will we do so until it becomes eminently evident that I cannot return to the high altitude of our home town. It has been our home for twenty seven years, and we shall not renounce it, nor our membership in the church there, until there is no further hope of being well again. Our address will be 4428 Gresham St., San Diego 9, California, until a change is seen in the papers. Thanks to God and the brethren.

Tice Elkins


Sam Medford, Rt. 1 - Box 456, Creswell, Oregon: "Two baptized and one confessed wrongs just recently at the London Church of Christ. Grover W. Holton of Ft. Cobb, Oklahoma, is scheduled to be the regular preacher at the London church starting some time in June. L. D. Webb, minister of the Central church at Portland did the preaching in a Gospel Meeting in Springfield where Virgal L. Leach is the regular preacher. The visible results were 20 additions with sixteen baptisms. Bob Guild was the song leader in this meeting. This makes sixty-eight baptisms at the Springfield church since the first of the year."


Lawrence Hazelip, 1509 William St., Valdosta, Georgia, May 18: "Nineteen baptized, three restored, and three placed membership since last report. Fourteen of these and the three restored was during our meeting with C. E. McGaughey doing the preaching and Warren Morris leading the song service. We truly had a great meeting. Both men were at their best and have been invited to return. We reached an all time high in Bible Study during the meeting. The church has been strengthened. Our Vacation Bible School will be from June 8-19. I begin a meeting in a tent six miles north of Valdosta tonight. Will go to Albany, Ga., on June 21st, where Forrest Chapman labors."


J. Ed Uland, Box 618, Powell, Wyoming, May 16: "We are leaving the mission work at Cody the first of August, due to lack of support. We hope that tourists will stop over and visit us this summer, as it will be convenient on their way to the Park, and an encouragement to the brethren. Pray for the work up here, and best wishes."


J. T. Marlin, 1503 McCaulley, Sweetwater, Texas: "Three were baptized at Fourth and Elm, Sunday. Our Vacation Bible School will begin June 1st. Our work is making fine progress."