Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 28, 1953

The Overflow

— F. Y. T.

Not The Church

Last month we reported that certain "brethren" in the Rio Grande Valley had agreed to pay expenses for "Dr." Albert Garner, Baptist preacher, to come to the Valley for a debate with a gospel preacher. Further along in the paragraph we made mention of "the Lord's money" in such a way that some thought one of the Rio Grande Valley churches was paying the Baptist preacher. This is not the case. And we want to make it clear that "certain brethren" (and not any churches) are giving the money. And, incidentally, these brethren have Baptist relatives whom they hoped to reach by exposing Baptist doctrine in the debate.


Another One

Brother J. Edward Meixner of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sends us the name of another of those incredible denominations: "The Church of the Assembly of the Believers In Christ — Fundamental, Primitive." He found that one in the small community of Spring Mills, near State College, Pa. Incidentally, have you ever stopped to think just how ludicrous "Methodist" is for a church's name? It was given because its originators followed certain 'methods' in trying to live the Christian life. It could just as logically be called the "Rule-ist" or the "Scheme-ist" church.


Did He Sin?

"Carl Ketcherside contends that it is wrong for an evangelist to work where there are elders, yet he spent ten days in Paragould, where there are elders, conducting a Bible Study and preaching daily over the radio. Why didn't he go where the gospel has never been preached? Why doesn't he practice what he preaches?"

— W. N. Henderson, Paragould Ark.


Drive-In Church

Brother Elmer H. Edwards writes us that down in Houston the Presbyterians have a "drive-in" church, which holds services for the benefit of those on the way to the Gulf, or other places, who want to worship without losing much time. They dress in their fishing clothes, put their bait and tackle in the car, run by the church for a few minutes, and are right on the spot by the time the fishes get ready to bite! No time lost here. Brother Edwards also sends us this item from a magazine telling of Greenville, Maine, a famous fishing and sporting resort:

"On Sunday, August 3, the Methodist Church in this nationally known sporting community will again be host to visiting sportsmen when the parish will hold Fishermen's Sunday Service. Maine guides will act as ushers, and the Rev. George Bullens will preach on the topic: "Let's Go Fishing."


Bound Volume Ready Soon

We have now completed the Index for Volume Four of the Gospel Guardian, and the papers are being assembled for the bindery. Due to an unfortunate error in our counting apparatus the number of copies available for bindery this year is considerably less than we ordinarily bind. We have already notified most of those who purchased a volume last year, and they have had time to send in their order. So we are now taking orders from others. Pre-publication price is $4.00. Remittance should accompany your order. This volume is a veritable treasure house of information and teaching. Articles are from the pens of some 168 writers, about 150 of them being among the best known preachers of our day. This is a volume to possess and cherish.


"Only Forgotten Son"

"The item about the Baptist preacher and Not a bone shall be broken' and the reference to the radio preachers version of Jude 3 and Eph. 2:21 'filthy framed,' etc." reminds me of brother ________ who habitually prays: "in the name of thine only forgotten Son." However, I have never thought that God would not hear and answer the prayer on that account; perhaps the brother has in mind that most people have "forgotten" the Lord, and hence, the expression he uses. From that point of view, maybe he is not so far wrong."

— C. D. Crouch, Dyess, Ark.


Encouraging Response

As these lines are being written, Brother Richard E. Smith and his family are on the high seas enroute home. By the time this appears in print, Brother Smith will already have met with the elders of Grove Avenue church in San Antonio, and will have arrived at some decision concerning his future work. Meanwhile, expressions from both Brother Smith and Brother Max Watson express their deep gratitude and "amazement" at the wonderful way in which brethren responded to their emergency. It was truly encouraging to them, and is a cause of deep thankfulness for all of us who are interested for the cause of Christ in Germany. The Gospel Guardian will make further announcements concerning these brethren and their work as we have more to report.


Inviting People To Church

The "urgent" way in which some Christians invite their friends to gospel meetings reminds us of the country boy who came to the city looking for a job. Approaching the proprietor of a grocery store where he hoped to obtain work, he said, "I don't guess you know nobody what wants nobody to do no work for them nowhere, do you, huh?"


Dorothy Thompson On The RSV

Miss Dorothy Thompson, widely read columnist has this to say about the new Revised Standard Version of the scriptures: "I have tried to read the new Bible with an open mind, and without prejudice, indeed with humility and with respect for so great an effort. Perhaps this is not entirely possible for one so wedded to a familiar text. But I am compelled to say that I find the new text inferior on nearly every page to the one it seeks to supplant, and for reasons that I think I can define. It is weaker, less vivid, defective in imagery, and less beautiful. And I, at least, do not find it easier to understand."


Thetus Pritchard

Brother Thetus Pritchard, faithful gospel preacher in North Carolina, writes us that the major surgery which was ordered for him has been postponed for further treatment. He will have a long, difficult, and expensive series of treatments ahead of him; but if they are successful, the surgery can be avoided. However he does need help — financial help — and needs it urgently. His address: 1403 Davis Avenue, Extension, Statesville, North Carolina.