Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 8, 1954


Carl Vernon, 407 Main, El Campo, Texas, March 26: "The work of the church in El Campo is promising now. We have recently had the best attendance of this congregation's history, and the classes and radio program at 8:15 each Lord's day morning over KLUP, 1390 kc seem to be promoting interest. This is the first report I have made to the Guardian. I read every word of every issue and am impressed with the stand you are making against "institutionalism." I think the scripturalness and logic of Brother James W. Adams is irrefutable."

Marvine Kelley, Lufkin, Texas, March 24: "We began our work with the Fourth and Groesbeck congregation in Lufkin, Texas, on March 6 of this year. Since our coming here, due to the desires of the Timberland Drive congregation and the Fourth and Groesbeck congregation to be Christian in their attitudes, a three-year period of disfellowship between these congregations was wiped away and complete repentance on the part of both congregations was achieved. We had a joint service March 21 which was the third anniversary of the establishment of the Timberland Drive Church. We look forward to a good work with the brethren here, and to date there has been one baptism, one restoration, and one membership placed, other than the restoration of fellowship between the three congregations in the city. I followed Brother Bill Thompson at this place and can see some signs of some very excellent work. Pray for us, brethren, and when in Lufkin, worship with us."

March 17, 1954

Grants Pass, Oregon


We are happy to report that the congregations of Fourth and "K" and 112 N. E. Evelyn in Grants Pass, Oregon, are now in full fellowship. The reconciliation was effected last Lord's day, March 14, 1954, when six brethren from the "K" Street congregation and eighteen brethren from the Evelyn Street congregation came mutually together repenting, forgiving, and praying for each other.

Sincerely, W. M. Robins

Minister, Fourth and "K"

James I. McFie Minister, 112 E. Evelyn

In order to bring about peace and harmony between the congregations at Fourth and "K" and 112 N. E. Evelyn in Grants Pass, Oregon, we the undersigned have mutually agreed to repent, forgive and forget, and pray God to forgive us. This action with singleness of heart is to produce full Christian fellowship between the two congregations.

Cecil L. Roberts

R. Wallace Rice Ernest Lewis Herb Woodward Walter Howe

Homer Lewis M. L. House

Oliver Clark Arlie B. Collett

Henry Miller Claude G. Skeels Elmer Lumpkin James T. Blevins

W. H. Burcham Charles R. Pedigo

John Fehrs Morley Wiederhold

James I. McFie

Signed March 14, 1954.

Albert M. Carter

Walter Miller

H. A. Bettz

Earl R. Lowe

Otis V. Medart

W. M. Robins

Judson Woodbridge, Mulvane, Kansas, March 24: "The church at Mulvane closed a very fine meeting March 7 with Brother O. C. Lambert doing the preaching, and Brother Smith Kite directing the song service. Both men did their work well. The brethren appreciated Brother Lambert's manner of presenting the way to heaven; and the timely warnings he gave concerning Catholicism, as well as other 'isms' in and out of the church. Four were baptized and one restored the Sunday before the meeting began. I closed a meeting with the church at Norwich, Kansas, last Sunday. Brother Kite, who labors with them in the gospel, is greatly appreciated."

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter serves as a notification to the brotherhood that the Baird Street congregation in Akron, Ohio, of which Brother A. C. Dyson is the preacher, has been restored to full fellowship with this congregation, the difficulties between the two congregations having been settled. We endorse the Baird Street congregation as being a faithful church of Christ, and commend Brother Dyson in his work with the group.

Thayer Street Church of Christ Akron 10, Ohio Elders:

H. A. Moss George W. Smith

King Lucas A. P. Chisam

Lee Hines, Paden City, West Virginia, March 22: "Since last report seven have been restored, one placed membership, one came from the Christian Church, and six have been baptized here at Paden City. The interest is the best, the fellowship very spiritual, and under the leadership of the elders this church is moving forward. Our radio program (CLEAR AND CLOUDY) over station WETZ at New Martinsville, West Virginia, every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. is causing much interest.

Joe H. Morris, 2707 Kentucky Ave., Paducah, Kentucky, March 22: "Two were baptized and two restored at Clements Street yesterday. Our largest audience was present at the morning worship hour. Our Monday Friday broadcast over Radio Station WPAD at 11:15 a.m. is bearing much fruit and is largely responsible for the steady growth in attendance and obedience. I begin a meeting with the church in Benton, Kentucky, April 5th."

C. G. Caldwell, Sr., 4401 West Broadway, Louisville 11, Kentucky, March 23: "Brother Clinton D. Hamilton of Tampa, Florida, will preach in a meeting at West End, beginning Sunday, April 11th, and continuing through April 18th. Services week-days at 7:45 p.m., Lord's days 3:00 p.m. and 7:45 p.m."