Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
April 1, 1954
NUMBER 46, PAGE 4-5b

Let Us Help Curtis Porter


A few days ago, after getting the sad news of the hopeless prognosis the doctors had given W. Curtis Porter concerning his wife's illness, I wrote him the following letter:

March 2, 1954 Mr. W. Curtis Porter Monette, Arkansas

Dear Brother Porter:

Roy came in today from Canada and saw your report of your wife's illness. He asked me to inquire of you if you need any financial help, and if so would it be all right for us to make a brief comment through the Guardian.

We both express our deep concern and sympathy in this dark hour.

Sincerely yours, YATER TANT YT:lb

To this I received the following from Brother Porter:

Monette Arkansas March 6, 1954 Dear Brother Tant:

Thanks for your letter and for your and Roy's expression of sympathy in this dark hour.

We appreciate any help that brethren see fit to extend to us. On account of the physical condition of both of us, we have not been where we could qualify for insurance. So we have no hospitalization insurance of any kind. Any mention, therefore, that you may make of it in the Guardian will be all right with us.

While the situation seems hopeless, we shall continue to fight for the life of my companion. Your prayers and the prayers of the brotherhood are solicited.

Brotherly, s/ W. CURTIS PORTER

This faithful servant of God has been a preacher of the gospel of Christ for exactly forty years. He did his first preaching at Mangrum, Arkansas, in 1914 when he was but a sixteen year old boy. During those two-score years in which he has served so valiantly as a soldier of the cross, he has yet to be charged the first time with any mean or petty or unworthy conduct. Like the true soldier he is, he has stood unflinchingly in the forefront of the battle, and has neither asked nor given quarter in his unending fight with the advocates of error.

For a number of years now Brother Porter himself has suffered from an incurable malady, and has been under the constant care of skilled physicians. Indeed, had it not been for the great strides made in medical science as a sort of by-product of the race for atomic supremacy in the field of nuclear physics, it is almost certain that Brother Porter would long ago have preceded his companion into that land whence there is no returning. In spite, however, of his illness, and of the certainty that he could never recover, this man of God has worked to the full limit of his strength for the cause of Christ. He has been called far and near to defend the gospel against the attacks of those who were preaching error. And his defense of it always has been courteous, dignified, and thoroughly Christian.

Now he needs our help. We know of no gospel preacher in the land for whom we can ask help from the readers of this paper with better grace. Curtis Porter loves the truth; lives the truth; and has defended it with his life. He has not whined nor complained nor cried for sympathy; but has stood like a man — like a man of God — under the cruel bludgeonings that have come to him and his beloved. If Sister Porter cannot be saved (and apparently she cannot), then let those of us who are willing to help see that her last days are made free from financial worries. and that she can close her eyes in that long last sleep untroubled by the thought that she is leaving her companion a mountainous burden of debt to try to pay off.

Will you help? Send a check NOW to W. Curtis Porter, Box 195, Monette, Arkansas.

— F. Y. T.

Vacation Bible Schools

We call your attention to the advertisement appearing on the back page of the Gospel Guardian this week. We are happy to be able to offer the full line of literature for Vacation Bible Schools as it has been prepared by Sister Marian White. This is not a new or untried group of lessons. Her books have been phenomenally successful in the past few years, and are gaining favor among faithful congregations wherever they are used.

It is time to start NOW, if you have not already started, in preparing for this high point in the summer work of the average congregation. Vacation Bible School provides an unparalleled opportunity for teaching the Bible to the children of the community. And these lessons by Marian White are that, first, last, and always. They are BIBLE lessons. Read our offer of a kit of samples as given on the back page, and let us be of service to you. Or, if you are already familiar with the material, send in your order now; don't wait till the school is ready to begin!

— F. Y. T.