Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 21, 1954
NUMBER 36, PAGE 14-15


Wallace - Welch Debate

G. K. Wallace met D. L. Welch in a three-night debate at Vernon, Florida, December 22-24. This debate was to have begun one day earlier but Welch, due to a misunderstanding on his part, failed to show up at the appointed time. Since none of the Pentecostal preachers present were anxious to carry on in Welch's place, apparently having more confidence in Welch than in the Holy Spirit, the debate was postponed until the following night.

On the first night Welch affirmed that "deems Christ is the only person in the Godhead and his name only may be mentioned in administering baptism." Welch introduced their usual arguments and made a great play on such words as "image" and "manifest." Brother Wallace in reply took up Welch's proof texts one by one showing their meaning and how they failed to support his proposition. The difference between Welch's creed which teaches "the Father AS the Son" and the Bible teaching of "the Father AND the Son" was 'so forcefully and clearly presented that Welch didn't even attempt to reply to it. Welch was pressed hard for the text that tells us what to "mention" in baptizing and for the text that shows the Father and the Son to be one person. The audience and Mr. Welch felt keenly the force of Brother Wallace's argumentation.

On the second night Welch affirmed that "Holy Spirit baptism is a part of the new birth and is possessed by all children of God today." In support he took three positions as to when the baptism of the Holy Spirit is received. His proposition said it was a part of the new birth and he defined this to be in water baptism. He later took positions that it was received before water baptism and after water baptism. His inconsistency on this was so pointedly exposed that Welch lost his composure, jumped up in the middle of Wallace's speech and accused him of misrepresenting his proposition. This proved to be his undoing for Brother Wallace made him admit on the spot that he had taken all three positions. Welch later tried to patch it up, but he never recovered from the blow.

Brother Wallace affirmed on the last night that "Holy Spirit baptism, with its attendant signs and miracles, ceased with the close of the apostolic age and the completion of the New Testament record." Here as in the rest of the debate Brother Wallace was the complete master of the situation. Welch made no attempt to prove miraculous healing for today; he introduced no human testimony, not even in his final speech. His reply consisted largely of confusing Acts 2:38 with miraculous gifts and a play on the words "common" and "special" on Brother Wallace's chart.

The debate was held in a Holiness stronghold where there is only one family of Christians. The Holiness were well represented. There were also present some of the leaders of a group in this section who call themselves "the Church of Christ" and hold to the United Pentecostal doctrine of "one in the Godhead." Throughout the discussion Brother Wallace did an excellent job. He is to be highly commended for his ability and sincere love for the faith. Much good has already been done.

— Earl Kimbrough, Dothan, Alabama

Thetus Pritchard, 1413 South Avenue "C". Portales, New Mexico: "On January 3, 1954 I began work with the University Drive congregation of this city. I find this church to be a young active group with an inspiring vision. It was with a degree of sadness that we left our beloved North Carolina where we lived for so many years. The churches in that field are growing and before too many years shall pass that state will be another stronghold for the Lord's kingdom. I left the Corinth congregation, Woodleaf, North Carolina, in good condition and I know my successor will have a pleasant work there. They own a good home for the preacher and will support the right man. Anyone desiring to move to North Carolina may contact Radford Freedman or E. W. Hood, Sr., Woodleaf, North Carolina."

Elvis E. Bozarth, T/Sgt. USMC, Hq En Special Services, 1st Marine Division, FMF, c/o FPO, San Francisco, California, Jan. 1: "As we enter the new year, we pray that God will grant us the opportunities to serve as He has in the past. The Armed Forces Church in Seoul, Korea, is optimistic about the future and is making plans accordingly. We would appreciate having the names and addresses of men who should be worshipping and working with us. We are humbly grateful to all of you who have sent clothing for our Korean brethren, and who are contributing to the support of Korean preachers. To help you see better the results of your efforts, we will publish a monthly bulletin to be sent to brethren in the United States. Copies will be sent to all who have corresponded with us in any way, and to anyone on request. WO John McCormick, Civil Affairs, Hq 8th Army, APO 301, c/o PM, San Francisco, California, will be the editor of this bulletin, and also our own weekly bulletin. Brother McCormick is our "secretary," and is located conveniently to handle packages of clothing. However any of us will be pleased to receive and receipt for articles sent us for the Korean brethren. Our worship is conducted each Lord's Day in the Seoul Military Post Chapel at 5:30 p.m. Large signs have recently been posted in all the prominent places in the Seoul area advertising our worship. Directional signs will soon be posted all over the city so that we can be found easily. Worship is also held in the 3rd Army Division Area each Lord's Day, and in Taegu and Pusan. The contacts are: Sgt. Bon I, Hamblet, US 2589942, Hq (AG See) 3rd Inf. Div., APO 468, c/o PM, San Francisco, California. S/Sgt. Marvin H. Phillips, AF 18380111, Hq Sq Sec., 58th Ftr. Bmr. Wg., APO 901, c/o PM, San Francisco, California. (Line Chapel, Sunday 7:00 p.m.; Pusan, Port Chapel, Sunday 4:00 p.m.)"

Chart Outlines Wanted

J. C. Choate, 3617 - 10th Street, Gulfport, Mississippi, Jan. 6: "I am interested in obtaining all of the Gospel Chart Outlines possible. I know that over the vast brotherhood that there are many, many chart outlines and I would like to have as large a collection as possible. I am interested in obtaining these outlines so that I might publish them in one volume or more. If you have some good outlines please send me a copy of each. I will not only publish your outline but will place your name with the outline as well. Whether the outline is an old one or new one, send them on to me and I will appreciate it very much."

Jesse M. Kelley, Box 1381, Port Arthur, Texas: "The beginning of the new year found the DeQueen Boulevard Church with plans completed for the biggest year in its history. The brethren are at peace and are looking ahead determined to do more than ever before. Since beginning work here in June there have been 33 responses to the invitation with 15 of these being baptisms. One was baptized last Lord's Day and one confession of negligence the week before. The brethren here want to send me out for three or four mission meetings this summer and pay my expenses. If your congregation is small and you need assistance of this kind, contact me at the above address."

Danger Of Expulsion From Italy

Ringing in the New Year of '54 meant only to brethren Melvin Pownall, Carl Hecker and Harold Paden that one second after midnight of December 31, 1953, they were in danger of being escorted out of Italy by Police. Early in December the police began calling in these brethren, telling them they would have to leave the first of the year. The Torino police told Brother Pownall that if he did not leave volutarily they would escort him to the border. All were told if they went out voluntarily and returned then they would be granted a three months' tourist visa. This concession given to tourists forbids the right to "take up any kind of work," and is renewable only once for the same period of time. This would reduce the missionary's role to that of a mere tourist and nothing more.

The Italian Minister of Interior has advised them to accept this concession, but the workers know that such a permit would only be a violation of said law if they resume their normal working activities. Therefore, it seems to the workers that the Italian Government is seeking to put them in such a position that they would be forced to break the law, which also would be grounds of expulsion.

Off the cuff the Milano Police told Brother Harold Paden that "your activities would not be considered as work," but this is not what the law says and therefore, cannot be relied upon.

This very complex situation became even more involved when the representatives of the American Embassy in Rome advised these workers to "sit tight" and not to leave the country under any circumstances. In this period of uncertainty the workers have chosen to abide by the advice given by our own State Department representatives, as in times past.

As yet, Brother Cline Paden is still awaiting word that his application for extension of his visa has or has not been accepted. Brethren Bybee and Mitchell have been granted time until the latter part of January '54. The Padova Police told Brother Bybee that even if his visa was renewed again at that time, he would not be permitted to return to Padova, where he has been working for the last two and one-half years.

It further seems to the workers that the ultimate purpose and hope of the Italian government is not to permit them to stay in Italy very long. Otherwise, this whole problem with its resulting confusion could have been settled definitely by granting them an extension of their present visas.

These brethren ask for your prayers and aid.

— Melvin Pownall Harold Paden

R. L. Yancey, Aledo, Texas, Jan. 6: "We are making some progress here. In recent weeks three have been baptized and three have placed membership. Attendance is not just what we would like but it is good and the interest is encouraging."

P. L. Manning, P. O. Box 1423, Salisbury, North Carolina: "Completing three pleasant and successful years work with the church at Salisbury, North Carolina, I have accepted an invitation from the elders at Lafayette, Georgia, to labor with them beginning January 15th."

Kenneth L. Fielder, 121 Tucker St., Dyersburg, Tennessee: "I moved to Dyersburg the first of the year to work with the Market Street Church, where Brother Ross Spears labored for several years. We left one of the finest congregations, West End, in Franklin, Tennessee. Charles A. Holt, Jr., Mt. Pleasant, Texas, has already moved there to work with the West End Church. They are fortunate to have him. The Market Street congregation is a working one. We plan to spend as much time away from home this year in mission work, as we spend here. The church is now supporting two preachers full time: myself and Brother Jimmie Noonan, who will preach in and around the county."