Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
January 21, 1954

The Overflow

F. Y. T.

Seven Years Ago

"Some brethren have conducted a prolonged campaign to get a national hookup of churches of Christ over the air, such as the Catholics, Lutherans, and Christian Scientists have. Although there are some good arguments in favor of this, the obstacles are tremendous. It would be exorbitantly expensive. It would be difficult to find any one time, preacher, or radio program that would meet the various needs. It would require a central super-committee to make the arrangements." — John Paul Gibson in "The Church At Work," 1947.

"The Facts, Ma'am"

"Yater, someone tried to tell me that Gayle Oler wrote an article for the Gospel Guardian that you would not publish. He was trying to argue that the Guardian would not publish both sides of a question. What are the facts?" — Ward Hogland, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Well, the facts are: Brother Gayle Oler sent an article to the Gospel Guardian which was published in the issue of April 23, 1953. This is the only article Brother Oler has ever submitted to us. After Brother Oler had mailed us the article, and while we were in the very process of printing it and mailing it, he published a statement in his little paper "FACTS" saying that he had sent the article but that it had not yet appeared in the Gospel Guardian. The implication was that he felt it would not appear. Perhaps that is the source of the misinformation being peddled by Brother Hogland's friend. Anyhow, these are the facts — just the facts, ma'am. That's all Gayle Oler has NEVER sent us an article which we refused to publish.

Dunne - Pickup Again

Professor George H. Dunne hat submitted a lengthy rebuttal tc Brother Harry Pickup's articles. It is well written, carefully documented and highly interesting. It gives the Catholic point of view in a scholarly dispassionate, and logical presentation. Brother Pickup is now working on his rejoinder to this dissertation If the Dunne material is approved by his censors (who now have it under study), we will shortly be able to publish the next series in the Dunne-Pickup discussion on the question: "Resolved that the Roman Catholic Church of today is the church established by Jesus Christ."

For Free

Brother Wilbur Hunt of 417 - 6th Avenue, Palmetto, Florida, writes us that he will send his little booklet "Fortune-telling Is Foolishness" without charge to any who may request a copy.

Rue Porter's Book

Brother Rue Porter has written a book, "I Remember," which we see advertised in one of our exchanges as "A collection of worthwhile thoughts on, ermS {sic} and Reminiscences." If you want the book, we can supply it ($2.50); and we guarantee the book won't be as bewildering as the advertisement!


"In reply to the comments made about my Christmas article, I would like to say: (1) Did not Paul say he had a thorn in the flesh? (2) Did he not say he was beaten with rods? (3) Therefore we are living the last days. Can't you see? So what?" — Floyd Thompson. And furthermore, the Sabbath belonged to the old covenant. Besides which Santa Claus wears a red suit. And everybody knows what that means. He's a red — Communism! Thanks We express our thanks to all those who are submitting articles on "The Herald of Truth." We will not be able to publish all of them by any means; but we do hope to publish representative material on both sides of the question. We ask for an earnest, prayerful and diligent study of the matter. Let no stumbling-block be put in the way of any scriptural work; but contrariwise, let all encouragement possible be given to every scriptural effort to reach the lost with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Purely Voluntary

Increasingly we see the brethren contending that the great institutions being built up through the brotherhood do not in any way infringe upon or jeopardize the independence or autonomy of the local congregations, for "are they not free to give or with-hold as they see fit?" Most surely they are. And so also are all the churches working through the Missionary Societies of the Christian Church. In fact, the Baptist churches pride themselves on the "complete autonomy and independence" of their congregations. Membership in the Association or Convention is wholly voluntary. But the pressure is there, just the same, either open or implicit. And only an idiot or a blind partisan would deny that an identical kind of pressure is being developed among the churches of Christ. Not intentionally, we believe; but none-the-less inexorably.

Dedicated To John Banister

Our good friend Luther Martin sends us the following lines, which, he says, were written by Brother Anon, and altered somewhat by him. Well, we alter them a little bit more — and dedicate them to John:

"Poor Brother John! He can't sing a note worth calling right;

And yet he joins in everything, and sings with all his might.

As loud as anybody round, as far as I can see

Pours forth his soul upon the air, but usually off the key.

The leader says, "Let's all join in, and sing hymn ninety-two,"

And Brother John will brace himself, prepared to see it thru.

The singer then gives out the pitch, and maybe hums a bar, The brethren rise, serene and proud, as singers sometimes are,

They sing with care the opening note, or maybe three or four;

And then bursts forth from Brother John that celebrated roar.

His heart is full of joy; and so of joy he has to shout;

For singing is the choicest way he has to let it out.

But as the top sopranos glad, give forth their highest E Brother John lets loose with all he has, and counters with a D.

I've often wondered which the more is heard around the throne The E of the sopranos or the D of Brother John.

Our brother sings — he has to sing; his soul is full of grace, And that's what counts in everything, as well as every place.

Our brother's joy the heavens shake, and not the singers' art;

For the singers, they sing from the book; Brother John sings from his heart."