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December 17, 1953

Are You A Monkey?

Robert Goodman, Madisonville, Texas

Evolutionists have endeavored to prove their theory by an appeal to anthropology in hopes that the missing links between man and the ape or monkey might be found. Although many reference books depict some gruesome looking ape-men as missing links, no satisfactory evidence has yet been found.

For years those believing this theory have been using the Dawn or Piltdown man to prove the transition. In fact, the Encyclopedia Britannica considers the Piltdown man the second most important to science. The public has not been told the conflicting testimony concerning these few bones. Now, that which many have known for years comes to light — the jawbones are not those of a man but of an ape! Three British scientists have revealed that tests prove the jaw bone and tooth were from an ape and had been treated so as to look the same age as the skull fragments. (Bulletin of the British Museum as reported in the Post and Houston Chronicle.)

Instead of being the monkey-man, the Piltdown man has made monkeys of those who believe he aided the cause of evolution! Once again, evolution fails to be proved.

This leads me to note some other failures in evolution. It has failed to:

1.Produce living from non-living despite repeated experiments.

2.Develop a new type species by experimentation. It can produce only variations within species.

3. Find fossils connecting man with the ape family and on back to a one-celled ancestor. There is not one "missing link" in the theory of evolution, but hundreds in both plant and animal life!

4.Show one nascent organ (an organ in the process of developing or changing into another organ.) If evolution is true, there must be one somewhere.

The fact remains that evolution has not been proved by any one of the seven major arguments used to advance it. Yet only one side is presented in many textbooks and school rooms throughout the country. Doubtless the fraudulent Piltdown man will be used for many years. Don't let him make a monkey of you.