Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
December 17, 1953


F. Y. T.

Correction Some weeks ago we stated that only two small congregations out of the forty or fifty in the very county where Childhaven is located were contributors to that institution. We mistakenly said "Walker" county when we should have said Cullman county. It was an error, and we want the record set straight. And our thanks to the one who called the error to our attention.

Kinsey report — for sale No, the Gospel Guardian doesn't handle the curious doctor's book; but we've seen it listed by some of our brethren who are in the book-selling business! No doubt Sexual Behavior in the Human Female will enjoy a wide sale; but we'd rather see Gospel Guardian readers spend their $8.00 for something less whimsical — how about Johnson's Notes, or The New Testament Church?

More fastidious than Christ A certain boastful Adventist preacher down in Alabama has declared widely that the whole country-side is afraid to meet in him in debate. Finally, Brother L. L. Applegate of Cottondale, Florida, took him up on his boastings, and asked him to sign his name to definite propositions. Upon which the Adventist wrote back: "Hear a parable: A certain skunk challenged a lion for a fight in the wilderness. The lion said, 'I could knock you completely out at one blow, but all the animals of the forest would know at once who I had been scrapping with.' . . ." And nobody would know it more painfully than would the lion. Apparently this Adventist fellow considers himself better than Christ, for Christ debated with the devil himself.

Helping the poor We see where the church up in Van Dyke, Michigan, has gone "all out" to relieve the suffering saints in various places. They list a total of $250.00 per month to send to the (a) Potter Orphan Home, (b) Home For the Aged, (c) Shults-Lewis Home, (d) Broadway Church of Christ, (e) Frascati Orphan Home, (f) Tennessee Orphan Home; plus another $80.00 per month to send to the Herald of Truth. So far as their report indicates they are doing NOTHING to relieve the poor in their own city. It is so much easier to let the "institutions" do it.

Here's your chance!

Do you long to get "on the bandwagon" and become a one-hundred percent, red - blooded, full - fledged "sponsoring church"? And without it costing one red cent of money? Well. we see where an ambitious brother on the West Coast has decided to go to Singapore; he is willing to go out and raise all the money for his support — but he needs a "sponsoring" church, preferably one with elders. He is advertising right now for a "sponsor," and once he gets such lined up, he will go out and "circulate" among the brethren to raise sufficient funds for his Singapore venture. Don't push; stay in line; each and every application will be considered! This is the opportunity of a life-time! Think of all the glory you can get as a "sponsoring" church — and no money of your own required at all.

New subscriptions For some happy reason we are getting an unusual number of new subscriptions and renewals these last several weeks. Thanks to everybody! Why not send the Gospel Guardian to a select group of friends as a Christmas present? (Or don't you believe in "Christmas" presents? — well, send it as a New Year's present then.) Our club rates are only $2.50 in clubs of six or more.

As Wallace saw it There are many brethren who are coming to believe that the policy of the Gospel Advocate is commercial and pecuniary. It cannot be denied that it has receded from its positions and left the defense of the truth on important issues to others and has elected to follow the course of least resistance. — Foy E. Wallace, Jr. (Bible Banner, 1940)

Tulsa — city of refuge?

Brother Luther Martin of Rolla, Missouri, sends us a most interesting (AP) news bulletin, telling of how a whole congregation is moving from Moberly, Missouri, to Tulsa, Oklahoma. The pastor had a vision "foreseeing calamity for Moberly." Said he, "I feel definitely led by the Lord to go to Tulsa." And he's taking eighty to eighty-five of the one hundred members of his flock with him.

"Judging," is it Three weeks ago we printed an article by Kenneth Fielder relating a disappointing conversation he had had with Brother Walter Barron, former student of Ralph Wilburn in Pepperdine College. Just in case anybody thought Brother Barron might have been misrepresented as to his convictions, or lack of them, here are Brother Barron's own words in a brief article on the subject of "Judging": "To declare, for instance, that one is condemned for changing from one fellowship to another (from the Church of Christ to the Methodist Church) would be judging. Who are you to pass judgment on the servant of another? It is before his own master that he stands or falls'." Unless Walter Barron can receive some help he will go the way of Ralph Wilburn, James A. Warren, Woodrow Wasson, W. P. Reedy, Carl Etter, and others.

Sometimes we wonder

"From the day you are born,

Till you ride in a hearse

Things are never so bad

That they couldn't be worse." — Anonymous

Divorce granted From far off Italy Brother Cline Paden sends us this chuckling bit of nonsense, clipped from the Rome Daily American:

The judge leaned forward when Billie Infante, a pretty model seeking a divorce from her husband, Anthony, testified:

"Once he immersed me in wine." "Immersed you in what?" Judge I. L. Harris shot back.

"In wine."

"Oh, how did he do it?"

"Poured it over my head."

"In other words, he didn't dunk you in a bathtub or anything. Was it red or white wine?

"As a matter of fact, it was red." "A bottle or a glass?"

"A glass."

"Not exactly total immersion, then," said the judge, winding up the matter. Divorce granted.

And Brother Paden comments, "Seems it's not legal to souse a spouse!"