Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
July 8, 1971

The Gospel Guardian Company Merging With "C. E. I."

For two years this writer has been doing business as The Gospel Guardian Company. Previous to this The Gospel Guardian Company was a project of Yater Tant. Before brother Tant purchased this business, early in the 1960's, we served under a foundation, and prior to that under a corporation. Now comes the most significant change yet.

The Gospel Guardian Company will soon merge with what is popularly known as "C. E. I.," the Athens, Alabama business under the directorship of Bennie Lee Fudge. "C. E. I." has long been known as "first class" in the church supply and literature business. Last year it enjoyed the largest volume of business of any such enterprise operated by brethren of "conservative" persuasion, regarding institutional and sponsoring church issues. The Gospel Guardian Company was second in total volume of business. Thus the two largest literature and supply operations are merging to give you the kind of service you deserve in the great work you do.

After the merger is completed, all The Gospel Guardian business will be conducted by "C. E. I." from Athens, Alabama. The printing and marketing of all our materials will be done by "C. E. I." under the direction of brother Fudge.

The Gospel Guardian paper will continue to be printed and mailed from Lufkin, Texas. The editorial policy of the paper will continue to be determined by the editors and we will maintain control of the publication. All financial affairs will be conducted from Athens, Alabama, editorial business from Lufkin, Texas. So, we will have two offices — business offices in Athens, Alabama, editorial in Lufkin, Texas.

We are living in an age of mergers. Large industries merge to survive, to meet competition, to provide better products and services. The "C. E. I." operation will now be in a position to give unequaled quality and service to individuals and churches. No one among us is more experienced in the production and selling of supplies, literature, and books than is Bennie Lee Fudge. In the past his business enjoyed a market among all churches of Christ, but his sound stand on current issues resulted in a great and sudden loss of volume. His operation suffered considerable adversity. But he has, in the style of a good business man, made a comeback and his business has, as we mentioned above, enjoyed the largest gross volume of any among us. We are quite confident that our merger will be a wise one. We feel good and safe about being "hooked-up" with a man of Fudge's character, experience, and soundness.

"C. E. I." will now be offering you a greater variety of literature and supplies than can any other supplier among us — material on the shelves and ready to mail. With the combined materials of "C. E. I." and The Gospel Guardian, plus other quality material in stock and ready to mail, we are in a position to give the kind of service you have a right to expect. "C. E. I." can provide everything you need in books, literature and supplies.

To all our customers: Would you order direct from P. O. Box 858, Athens, Alabama 35611? All business that comes to our Lufkin address will be forwarded to the Athens address, so it will be better to order direct from Athens.

As for the Gospel Guardian paper: We have major and significant plans for it also. While it will always contend for the old paths in a manner true to its heritage, it will become more and more a family paper. In fact, it will deal with every facet of the Christian's life. We will continue in our dedication to the propagation and defense of New Testament Christianity, while emphasizing more and more all matters which are relevant to the needs of all Christians in this time of dramatic change. So stay tuned!

See Brother Fudge's Article - Page 11 W. E. W.