Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 18, 1971

Groundhog Day

Larry Ray Hafley

Groundhog Day will soon be here! Did you know there is as much said in the Bible about Groundhog Day as there is about December 25th being the birthday of Christ and Ash Wednesday? The religious world observes many holy days as part of their church ordinances (such as Palm Sunday), but there is no Bible authority for them to do so. Ash Wednesday, Christmas, and Palm Sunday are all traditions of men and not to be observed by the church of Christ.

But I can build a pretty strong case for the religious observance of Groundhog Day. (I do so to show the foolishness of observing the other afore-mentioned days as binding upon the church which Jesus built and bought.)

Every Christian should wear a hog's tooth around his neck on Groundhog Day because:

(1) God loves animals and wants us to love them, too.

(2) We honor the day when Christ sent the unclean spirits into the herd of swine. (Mk. 5:11-14).

(3) The Jews could not eat pork, but we can. (Lev. 11:7) (Christians should eat some form of hog's meat on Groundhog Day in honor of this fact.)

(4) The prodigal, wasting son left some poor, little hogs and went back to his comfortable home, leaving them without any one to care for them. (Lk. 15:11)

(5) Christians are cleansed, but formerly we were sows wallowing in the mire. (II Pet. 2:22) We celebrate this day in remembrance of our filthy status in the Devil's pig pen.

(6) We manifest humility by wearing a hog's tooth.

(7) Every one that claims to be a Christian and does not wear a hog's tooth around his neck on Groundhog Day does not love animals, especially little pigs; does not believe in Jesus' miraculous power; does not believe we are free to eat pork; does not feel sorry for the starving swine the prodigal deserted; does not appreciate the fact that he is saved; does not have a heart of humility.

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