Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 18, 1971
NUMBER 39, PAGE 11-12

News And Variety

Cecil Douthitt Succumbs

Cecil B. Douthitt, veteran preacher, debater and writer of outstanding ability, passed away January 24th. Extended obituary to be printed in a later edition of this paper.

Preacher's Letter Got Results:

"Thank you for printing my letter regarding "preacher shortages" in one of the November, '70 issues of the Guardian. I would like to request that you publish this one also, regarding responses I got from that letter.

"In answer to my request for a place to preach, I received ten letters, one postal card, one telegram and several tried also to telephone me long distance. (I did not have a phone while in Irving, Texas.) These came from seven states during a ten - twelve day period in early December, '70. These communications mention fifteen or more places that need evangelists to go and work with them. Since that time, at least one of these churches has had another plea for help in the Guardian. These requests came from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas (regarding congregations in Arkansas and Missouri,) South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Minnesota. It appears that there are faithful churches that want sound gospel preachers to come work with them — without setting down unscriptural requirements for the man, after all. I am encouraged by this.

"As you can see by my address, I have moved to Minnesota to work with the sound church in Duluth. In New Testament days, there were only two requirements for a gospel minister to go preach somewhere. One was, "Is there a need?" The second was, "Is there someone willing to go?" Of all the churches I heard from, the one with the greatest need is the congregation of faithful saints in Duluth, Minn. It's the smallest, but likely the soundest. Minnesota is also my home state. Ever since leaving it in 1968 to preach in Louisiana, I have intended to return. I was born in Mpls., and raised in adjoining Richfield, Minnesota is home to me.

"The loyal saints in Duluth follow the Bible way. This holds true regarding preachers and support also. When an evangelist went to a church to preach, he didn't make any money "deals." He preached and as the brethren were able, they supported him. When he didn't receive support or enough support, the preacher worked "with his hands." In keeping with these New Testament principles and examples, we in Duluth do not make "deals" with men to preach. We make no arrangements with men who feel (and even sometimes state outright,) "So much pay — so much preaching" and "No pay — no preaching." Much of these (unscriptural financial arrangements are the fault of the churches, as many of them insist of talking money right away and make a "god" out of the "almighty" dollar. Of course it takes money to live, but let us always remember that in New Testament days, when the money stopped, the preaching did not! The preaching went right on, as the preachers supported themselves. Let's face it — very few brethren (overseers, deacons, preachers, teachers and other Christians) follow God's way regarding this today. I do mean very few churches.

"Let me conclude by saying the loyal church here is not only self-supporting (although only seven Christians,) but also helps out other churches and individuals (both in the United States and foreign countries) from time to time. Brethren — it's easy when you don't practice "brick and mortar" religion by making large mortgage payments on a beautiful, unnecessarily expensive building. It's also easy when you don't support an evangelist beyond your means. We are growing — spiritually and numerically. We covet the prayers of faithful saints everywhere." — R. A. Gilbertsen, 612 West Tischer Rd. \ Duluth, Minnesota 55803.

Preacher Available:

"This summer I would very much like to preach for some congregation full-time to acquire experience. I would very much appreciate it if you would mention my availability for the summer in the Gospel Guardian. This means a lot to me, as I feel it almost imperative to preach in such a capacity at least some before I begin full-time preaching. I will appreciate any mention or other help you might be able to extend me to find a place to preach immensely. If you know of any place personally and would care to send me the address of the person to contact, that would be very helpful." — Phillip Kight, Florida College, Temple Terrace, Florida 33617.

Texas Reports: J. Clyde Strickland, 417 E. Groesbeck, Lufkin, Texas, 75901 Gospel Meetings:

Robert Turner in Arlington, Texas, late October. — James Wilson with Wallisville and Thompson Sts. congregation in Highlands, November 9-13th. — The Dickinson, Texas, church had Bill Miller of Angleton, November 9-15. — Jady Copeland was with Scyene Road in Dallas, November 16-22. — The Eastside church in Denton, Texas, had Robert McDonald, November 16-22. — A meeting was conducted in Azle, Texas, November 16-20 with different speakers each evening. — W. R. Jones of Bellaire in Houston, was with the Green's Bayou congregation in Houston, November 2nd thru the 8th in which one was baptized. — Hayes Reneau in Duncan, Okla., with the Southside congregation, November 16th — 22nd., and E. Paul Price of Duncan, Okla., was with the N. Main and Gay Ave. congregation in Gladewater, Texas, November 2-8, where Hayes Reneau serves as evangelist. — The congregation meeting on Josey Lane in Carrollton conducted a meeting November 26th thru December 1st. with Ward Hogland as preacher. — W. L. Wharton at West Side church meeting on White Settlement Rd. in Fort Worth, November 29-December 4. — Grover Stevens, Lubbock, held meetings recently in Kentucky and Alabama. He was in Beaver Dam, Ky., Nov. 29 - Dec. 4, and in Athens, Ala., Dec. 6-11. — Joaquin Blengio of Harlingen, Texas, conducted a four-night meeting in Spanish in the Southside church building, 808 Fresa, in Pasadena, Texas, Nov. 30, December 1, 2, and 3. — Mel Rose of the Greenwood Village congregation, Houston, was with the Southside church in Pasadena for a meeting which began December 6. — Robert Farish held a meeting December 7th - 11th in Granbury, Texas. — The congregation meeting at 740 Melrose Dr. in Richardson, Texas, conducted a meeting December 7th - 11th with A. H. Payne, the local evangelist, presenting the lessons each evening. — Foy Vinson was with the congregation meeting at 703 N. Lucas Dr., in Grapevine, Texas, December 7-11. — James Lusby at Pleasant Valley congregation in Amarillo in November. — The congregation in Dalhart had W. R. Jones for a meeting which began November 15th.

Baptisms, Restorations, Etc.:

One was baptized and two were restored to fellowship and duty November 22nd. in the congregation meeting at 1001 Franklin St., Borger, Texas. — Robert Goodman reports that there were three baptized at the Southside church in Pasadena the last week of October and that one was restored there November 8. In recent weeks four have been baptized, three restored, and nine have identified themselves with the West Side church in Fort Worth. — One was identified with the Caprock congregation in Lubbock November 22. — Three were restored at Castleberry in Fort Worth the latter part of November. — One was baptized and two were restored during a gospel meeting in which W. R. Jones did the preaching in Tallahassee, Fla., recently. Also, Brother Jones reports that six recently were identified with the Bellaire congregation in Houston. — Robert W. La Coste reports that one has been baptized, one restored, and two identified with the church in Hereford, Texas. He also states that two were baptized and one restored during the meeting in which he did the preaching in Glendale, Arizona, Nov. 23-29. — Three identified themselves with the Scyene Road congregation in Dallas recently. — One was baptized December 2nd. at Pampa, Texas, where James Lusby is the faithful evangelist. — One was baptized recently at Union Road in Lufkin where Bill Wallace is the preacher. — Mack Kercheville reports fourteen baptisms for 1970 at the Rivera St. church in El Paso, Texas. Mack plans to leave January 8th., 1971, on a two month preaching tour in South America.

— Larry Bunch reports that in the six months he has been with the Northshore congregation, 13510 Rochester, Houston, Texas, five have been baptized, seven have been restored, and three have placed membership.

Preachers Move:

After four and one-half years with the church in Cooper, Texas, Malcolm King has moved to Crockett to work with the faithful congregation there. Malcolm states that at the time of his move, the latter part of December, no one had been engaged to work with the congregation in Cooper, and that those interested might contact Joe C. Cregg, 500 E. Waco, Cooper, Texas, 75432, or phone Area Code 214-395-2469.

After a very fruitful work with the church in Valley Station, Kentucky, Lewis Willis has moved to work with the Mound and Star congregation.

Joe D. Scarborough has moved from La Porte, Texas, to work with the Wonsley Drive congregation in Austin. His address in Austin is: 6714 Haney Drive, Austin, Texas, 78723.

Amos Miles has moved from Lufkin to work in the Mansfield, Louisiana, area. He will be working among the colored people who constitute about 65% of the population. Until now very little work has been done toward teaching the colored people in and around Mansfield the Truth.