Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
February 19, 1970

"Train Up A Child. . . "

Sammy Wilsey

As Christian parents, you are responsible for "training up a child in the way he should go." So you take him to church every Sunday, you may even sit down with him at home and teach him morality and Christian behavior. Then you send him to school. Your job is done, right?


Do you know what is going on in that school? Do you care? Lately many school systems have adopted "sex education" courses, and many parents "can't see anything wrong with it."

They haven't looked far enough, if they have looked at all.

In a recent G. G. the people behind this sexual garbage were discussed. . . . Communists and pornographers. You know who is behind it, so what's ahead of it?

First, let's look at the course, itself. They, the so-called "sex experts," intend to teach your five year old the "Rows" without giving him any hang-ups about morality. They'll show him films in kindergarten that would make your hair stand on end. . . they'll give him books to read that would make "Playboy" look like a "Weekly Reader" . . . and they'll have no interference from you, Mr. Narrow-minded Father, you just foot the bill and never mind what is going on!

And tell me, who is going to teach this, the most delicate of subjects? Certainly not a moralist. That would give our children inhibitions. Whose hands, then, are we going to put our children into? What kind of people do you expect to be drawn to teach it? Use your imagination.

And what of the inevitable results? What of the suicides of high school and junior high girls who find out too late the wages of sin? Who will be responsible for that?

So you teach your child morality, and you let the school teach him immorality. Who do you think will win? Satan is very patient; he'll bide his time for one weak moment.

Not every parent is a Christian. What happens when your child falls prey to one who has had no moral training? Can you face your child if you don't protect him from that?

Christians, too often, are too apathetic about these matters. We go to church every time the door is open and let the rest of the world do as they please. For once, for the sake of your child, do something! Can you truly call yourself a child of God if you don't?

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