Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 13, 1968
NUMBER 7, PAGE 11c-12a

Eating With The Gentiles

Elvis Bozarth

Please read Galatians 2:11-14. Peter could have given the following excuses for refusing a social meal with the Gentiles!

1. If they come to the building, I'll worship with them, but that doesn't mean I have to socialize with them.

2. I think the Gentiles are all right in their place, — but let them keep their place.

3. Besides, if I hob-nob with the Gentiles, it will hinder my influence for good among my own people.

4. Just because we are all one in Christ does not mean we need to have anything to do with each other socially.

5. The Jewish brethren have gone to a great deal of expenses and trouble to provide them a place of their own. Why do they want to come to where we are?

6. If I have social meals with them, then the next thing they will expect my family to!

7. They will next want to come to our Bible classes. I can just see their teen-agers mingling with ours. Then you will see them dating and marrying each other!

8. My mother-in-law would just have a fit if I invite one of these Gentiles to eat at her daughter's table!

9. It just isn't natural for Jews to want to have any dealings with Samaritans and other Gentiles.

10. When God separated the Jews from the Gentiles, that showed he wanted the races kept separated.

11. Well, I guess I can't be too wrong, — you notice that Barnabas and the other leaders of the church agree with me.

12. I'm sorry I started having anything to do with them. They will be buying property next door soon, then they will think they are equal to us Jews in everything.

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