Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 31, 1968
NUMBER 26, PAGE 10-13

Gospel Guardian Tell-Al-Gram

Larry Ray Hafley

DEBATE: "Propositions have been signed for a public debate in St. Louis dealing with the problems of institutionalism and sponsoring churches. The first two nights (Dec. 9 and 10) have to do with orphan homes; the second two, (Dec. 12 and 13) have to do with the Herald of Truth and sponsoring churches. The two disputants are Floyd Chappelear and Arthur C. Blackwell. The moderators are, for me, A. C. Grider, and for brother Blackwell, W. L. Totty, or at least tentatively so with brother Totty. He has not as yet made a firm commitment.' --Floyd Chappelear.

DISCUSSION: Paul Woodward, an elder of the Expressway church in Louisville, and W. T. Bruner, Ph. D., recently discussed "Original Sin" and "Predestination" in a series at Expressway in Louisville, Ky.

"THE BRITNELL-MORGAN DEBATE on benevolent institutions and sponsoring churches which we announced in the September issue of this paper (The Sower), was conducted on schedule and was a great success. Approximately 500 people attended each session. A clear recording was made of everything that was said, and tapes are available for your study. The entire discussion will come to you on four high quality reels of tape which can be played on almost any recorder. The total price is $16.00. You may pay for them when you receive them. Order from Phillips Publication, P. O. Box 17244, Tampa, Florida 33612. I urge you to hear it." Eugene Britnell BAHAMAS "The news continues to be heartwarming and good. Brother Strachan has just returned to Marsh Harbor (Abaco) and reports the following results on Cat Island: He has baptized his mother. The four converts (3 in our first meeting, one in the second) are remaining faithful. Five converts at Knowles, who had gone to Nassau, have returned--now ten members are meeting and worshipping together after the New Testament order at Smith Bay. General interest remains strong; opportunity is still knocking. Obstacles — outsiders still doubt permanence of the church and openly suggest that the 'white men' will abandon them. Meeting place — lack of facility increases the above problem and adds to the general uncertainty in prospective converts. Need is acute for a building. The opportunity and its challenge are obvious. The truth is steadily making headway and, with continued effort, the church will be stable at Smith Bay and the door will be open at The Bight, an even larger community, for the establishment of pure Christianity. Truly, 'the fields are white'..." --Pine Hills Exhorter, Orlando, Florida

A NEW CHURCH IN SELMA, ALABAMA: Brethren who have opposed the liberal trends in the church and the organizations unknown to the New Testament to do the work of the church have begun to meet at 1007 1/2 Alabama Ave. Services at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday afternoons and 7:30 P.M. Tuesdays. — Carroll Puckett GREGGTON, TEXAS: Greggton is a part of Longview, Texas. Your editor recently held a meeting with the Greggton congregation. My grandfather, Foy E. Wallace, Sr., was the first preacher for the group and was instrumental in the starting of the congregation. Several of the charter members still attend. Other Wallaces who have preached some in Greggton are Foy E. Wallace, Jr., Paul Wallace, Tom Wallace, Cled Wallace, and Wilson Wallace. An oldtime singer, Harmon M. Morgan, now deceased, led the singing in many meetings for my grandfather and father. His son, Buford A. Morgan led the singing in several of the services of my recent Greggton meeting. It was a real pleasure to be with the Greggton congregation and to learn much of the Wallace heritage previously unknown to me. One thing of humorous interest: Most of my sermons ended on the hour — an hour after the service began. One night I got wound up on a special subject and went considerably overtime. Someone passed a note to another: "Do you think he may be going to pull a Foy Wallace?"

BIBLE LAND TOUR: We are getting many inquiries about our forthcoming 1969 Bible Land Tour. It is going to be a great trip! Write for information. — WEW A NEW CONGREGATION AT ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS began meeting in the Riverside School Building, on South Main Road (Hwy. 2) and Pelley Road, just south of the city limits. Four Rockford area families who had been worshipping at Rochelle, Ill., along with another family from Rockford formed the nucleus of the new work. I shall try to divide my time and efforts between Rochelle and the new Rockford work. Rockford is the second largest city in Illinois and is a rapidly growing industrial city. If readers know of people in Rockford whom we should contact, please send names and addresses to me at 845 N. 12th Street, Rochelle, Ill., 61068. In Rockford call Burt Riffle, (815) 877-2440. --Leslie Diestelkamp

JOHN W. PITMAN, P.O. Box 272, Mountain View, Ark. 72560, Phone 269-8514: Churches may contact me for meeting work at the above address until schools are out in the summer at which time a new address will be given. Churches that are not able to have meetings will be the ones that I will consider, as about all that will be expected in the way of support will be thy expenses. I will be willing to go far and near in order to help assist churches in the preaching of the WORD. Please start contacting me now for meetings starting early in the spring of 1969. Will be with the church in Bowling Green, Mo. in an exchange meeting starting Oct. 13-70, 1969.

BROTHER QUILL COPE, brother to James R. Cope, was accidentally killed by a gun in his home (Knoxville, Tennessee)..." "He had recently moved to Knoxville from Murfreesboro. He was for several years president of Middle Tennessee State University. He had served prior to that as State Commissioner of Education."

B. G. Hope recently began work with the church in Beaver Dam, Ky. after many years with 12th Street in Bowling Green, Ky., Leo Rogel has moved to Greensburg, Ky., Glen Shaver is now working with Glen Park in the Gary, Ind., area.

EARL FLY is recovering from a heart attack doing well.

A NEW CONGREGATION IN DANVILLE, INDIANA:"For the past five years, we have been hearing from brethren in this area who have been concerned about the lack of a congregation at Danville. The brethren who live in that area are happy to announce that this lack no longer exists about forty men, women and children began meeting at Avon in Richard Hartsock's Electric Shop, temporarily, until land can be purchased for a building or other arrangements can be made for a place to meet....The church at Plainfield is in full support of this work having 'fellowship' in the preaching and teaching of the gospel by supporting Bro. Harry Thetford completely in his fulltime work with this congregation.

— From Plainfield Bulletin, Plainfield, Indiana.

LARRY DEVORE, Box 5, New Carlisle, Ohio 45344, has an extra bound Gospel Guardian, Vol. 11 for sale--$6.00 plus $1.00 packing and postage. He also has a large box of back issues of the GG, assorted numbers Vols. 5 through 16, with a few other papers. This box for sale for $5.00 plus $1.50 packing and mailing.

MEETINGS: Robert Crawley at Manslick Road in Louisville, Ky. Nov. 6-13... Nov. 4-11 Leonard Tyler at Gardiner Lane in Louisville, Ky Nov. 6-15... L. E. Sloan in Shepherdsville, Ky... Nov. 17-27 Marshall Patton, Pine Hills, Orlando, Fla... Nov. 4-10 Luther Blackmon at Eau Gallie, Fla ...Nov. 10-17 James W. Adams at Par Avenue in Orlando, Fla... Nov. 3-10 Jere E. Frost at West Bradenton, Fla ... Harold Trimble at West End in Murray, Ky., Nov. 18- 24 A special two night series in Murray, Ky., Dec. 13-14 with Franklin T. Puckett preaching... Jesse L. Johnson at Flatwoods Church, Highway #79, Leitchfield, Ky., Nov. 4-11... Tom Roberts at North Main and Gay Avenue, Gladewater, Tex., Nov. 4-10... Luther Roberts in Canada--Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, Alberta--October and November.

Florida College Lectures Scheduled For January 20-24, 1969.

HAROLD V. TRIMBLE: "The new 'flavour' of the Guardian is very palatable to me. Improvement is seen in every issue."

BONDS: "The North Ridgeville church of Christ, a sound congregation in Ridgeville, Ohio is selling bonds to finance their new church building. The bonds are in denominations of $250, $500, and $1000 and bear interest at 7%. If you would be interested in one or more of these bonds, write Mr. Herb Hiser, 904 Concord Ave., Elyria, Ohio 44035."

TEACHER AIDS--A SPECIAL NOTE FOR IMPROVEMENT OF CLASSES--"Teach With a Visual Punch", ideas for teachers of all age groups, by David Roper, is a 96 page book selling for $2.95. It would be of considerable aid to any teacher seeking to improve the class. While a few suggestions in the book such as using representations of the likeness of Jesus might be objectionable, the book deals efficiently with the problems of (1) How can I get the attention of my pupils?; (2) How can I hold attention of my pupils?; (3) How can I help my pupils remember what I taught them last week or last month?; (4) How can I motivate my pupils to do something about each lesson I have taught? Order from The Gospel Guardian Company.

Alone On Calvary's Hill

Here stand I alone on Calvary's hill To view the awful agony He bore

Then all grows solemnly sweetly still, For at my feet is the crown He wore.

Here stand I alone on Calvary's hill To see the extreme penalty He paid

As under our Father's gracious will He met His redeeming death unafraid.

Here kneel I alone on Calvary's hill To weep for my sin that slew Him there

As under my Father's loving will In faith I take my cross to bear.

A Closing Prayer

Lord in love I leave this hour Strengthened by thy mighty power.

In faith I see thy loving grace Take me from this worship place,

Some may take their leave of thee, But dear Lord come home with me.

A Cross, A Dent, A Hope

There's a cross within my heart That draws me to thy side

Where from the world I am apart Ever in thy love to abide.

There's a dent within my pride That bends me to thy will

Where with self laid aside Gone is life's alluring thrill.

There's a hope within my soul, Encased in constant prayer,

That in faith pure and whole Someday I'll meet thee in the air.