Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 17, 1950

Voices From The Past

Cled E. Wallace

It has been suggested in more than one controversy, that the blessed dead should be allowed to rest in peace, and that the present generation should fight its own battles with its present knowledge of the word of God. There is some merit to this suggestion in some instances. However, a situation has arisen that justifies a reprint of some articles written in the past by able and reliable men, involving issues that are now again to the front.

The editor of the Gospel Advocate is sensitive to any suggestion that the Gospel Advocate "1950 style" is any different from "1932 style." He specifically promised the readers, when he assumed his present position, that the policy of that paper would remain unchanged. He is allergic to change. He has even chided and ridiculed men who have changed positions on various issues. This fact will make these articles we are reprinting of special interest. He cannot complain at this, for about all he has ever done was to reprint articles with an "editorial note" attached. Since he has given his hearty endorsement to brother H. Leo Boles and leaves the impression that he and brother Boles saw eye to eye on about everything, we shall allow our readers to see some of brother Boles' articles, unabridged as written by him, and appearing in the Gospel Advocate.

Another reason for this is that there appear to be many good men who think we are radical and have advanced a new and unheard of position in regard to the cooperation of churches. Some of these articles ought to open their minds on this point. It ought to help them see wherein the departure lies.