Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 4, 1964

Masters Of Deceit

Conway Skinner

Irreligious communities have been rightfully designated as "masters of deceit," but we must never forget that in the religious realm there are some equally deceitful. Literally hundreds of thousands of simple, earnest people are being deceived (and robbed as well) annually by these men. I particularly have in mind the so-called "faith healers" of our day. It is appalling how through use of personal magnetism, a play on emotions, and a perversion of scriptures, these men are able to delude great multitudes — even in spite of their seeming obvious failures to truly work miracles.

It is amazing how that in so many ways they give themselves away, and expose their own selves — yet blind trust on the part of thousands keeps them from seeing this fact. A case in point is taken from a monthly publication entitled, T. L. Lowery's World Revival. I am going to quote a portion of the "Crusade Report, Paris, Texas." In this "report," this story is told:

"Little Cathy Parker, four years old, was injured two years ago. A membrane in her nose was ruptured and would not heal. For two years her nose bled almost every day. She took iron tonic constantly to overcome the anemia caused by the loss of blood. The doctor told the parents many times that he could do nothing until the membrane healed so that he could sear it with an electric needle. For two years they applied salve and waited.

"On Sunday night Brother Lowery prayed for Cathy. Her mother believed she was healed. Cathy told everyone that Jesus had healed her. Yet, during the next week her nose bled four times.

" 'We would resist the devil is the name of Jesus. I felt that soon we would have a way of proving to others that Cathy was healed,' was the mother's reaction.

"And they did. A large sore had formed deep in the nose from so much bleeding. One week after prayer, the last Sunday of the campaign, the family was driving to the service. The sore in Cathy's nose that had dried up, fell out.

"'She didn't blow her nose. It didn't bleed. It simply fell out. Praise the Lord!'"

Now, how about that for a miracle? Wasn't that truly the greatest? Mr. Lowery makes pikers of Peter and Paul, doesn't he? This glorious miracle (?) performed by Mr. Lowery reminds me of an incident that transpired several years ago in Lanett. Ala, I was preaching over a local radio station there for some several weeks, and during that time I became acquainted with the janitor at the station — a very humble man whom we'll call by the name of Ed. We would often visit briefly together either as I would be entering, or leaving the studio. Ed began to take an interest in the broadcasts, and soon he was listening daily. On one occasion. as I was attempting to expose various false teachers, upon leaving the studio. Ed stopped me. ''Brother Skinner," he asked, "don't you believe men today have the power to heal and perform miracles?" I had to reply in the negative. Then, he said. "Why, I KNOW they can, for I have been healed by one!" So, I asked what his condition had been, and he told me. He had been disturbed for months by a stomach ulcer (but admittedly, no doctor had ever diagnosed him) until he had attended a healing campaign. There, he had been wondrously healed, never to have the stomach ache again.

But, it so happened that for several days I had been aware of the fact that Ed had a limp; when he walked it was obvious that something was wrong with one of his legs. I then asked, "Ed, just what is wrong with your leg, I notice you limp when you walk?" Immediately, he pulled up his pants leg and said, "Preacher, didn't you know I had a wooden leg? I lost my leg years ago in an accident." I had not known of this, but I proceeded to ask, "Ed, why didn't you have the faith healer to heal your leg?" Poor Ed! He was really "shook up." Finally, he replied, "Brother Skinner, I know he couldn't really- heal something like that."

Yet, Jesus did. "And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus' feet; and he healed them: Insomuch that the multitude wondered, when they saw the dumb to speak, the maimed to be whole, the lame to walk, and the blind to see: and they glorified the God of Israel" (Matt. 15:30, 31 — emphasis mine, C.S.). And numerous modern day faith healers claim to have the same power that Jesus had, and that the apostles had. But, when modern day healers finish, the lame limp less! the nearly blind see a wee bit better! the slightly deaf hear a little bit more! Since they just perform little miracles, possibly- one day one of them will even help some maimed individual — admittedly they can't restore a lost leg, but just maybe some day, some where, some how, one will at least restore a toe nail on someone's little toe! Of course, I understand that even then, it would likely take several days for it to grow out to normal size!

Brethren, may we never cease to expose these religious racketeers for the charlatans that they really are.

— Box 4, Beaufort, S. C.