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June 4, 1964

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

Meetings This Week

Paragould, Ark. — The 2nd and Walnut Street. church will be engaged in a singing school, June 1-5. Bill Hall of Birmingham, .Alabama, will be the teacher, according to an announcement from Hollis Creel, the local preacher.

Clute, Texas — May 31-June 7 are the dates for the meeting in Clute. Homer Hailey of Tampa, Florida, will do the preaching. J, A. Woolly is the local evangelist.

Ventura, California — The church in Ventura will have a gospel meeting, June 1-7 with different speakers each evening.

Birmingham, Ala. — Harris J. Dark will be with the Ensley church, May 31-June 7. All are invited to attend.

New Creatures

Four have been baptized the first two weeks in May at the Southside church, Mt. Pleasant, Texas, where Carl Allen is the local evangelist.

During an April meeting at the Grand Ave. church, Chicago, III., one was baptized. The preaching in the meeting was done by Roy E. Cogdill. Vestal Chaffin is the local preacher.

Two have been baptized recently at the church in Sacramento, Calif., where Forrest Darrell Moyer preaches.

James Adams, preacher for Tenth and Francis, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, reports three baptisms in recent weeks.

Three were baptized during the meeting at El Cajon, California. Forrest Darrell Moyer of Sacramento, California, did the preaching. Tommy McClure is the local preacher.

One was baptized the last week in April and placed membership from a liberal church at the church in Cooper, Texas, where Joe D. Swint preaches.

Glen Shaver, preacher for the church in Shively, Kentucky, (Louisville, Kentucky, area) reports two baptisms in recent weeks.

One was baptized May 7th at the Pine Hills church, Orlando, Florida, where Connie Adams is the preacher.

The first week in May two were baptized at the AVest End church, Richmond, Virginia.

One was baptized the last Sunday of April at the N0rth Main and Gay church, Gladewater, Texas, where Truman Smith preaches.

Albert Jennings, preacher for the church in Edna, Texas, reports a baptism the last Sunday in April.

Two were baptized the month of April and one the first part of May at the NW 3rd and Ave. B church in Seminole, Texas. 0, B. Proctor is the preacher.

The meeting at Benton, Ill., with James L. Yopp doing the preaching, resulted in one baptism. E. Lacy Porter is the preacher.

One was baptized the last Sunday in April at South End, Louisville, Ky. Donald Townsley is the preacher.

Four were baptized during the Highland Ave. meeting, San Antonio, Texas, with Roy Foutz doing the preaching. W L. Wharton and Roger Hendricks are the local preachers.

(Note: As a rule we do not carry the news of restorations and memberships, but we believe the following is worthy of note, C.0.M.) During the last part of April and the first part of May, thirteen people renounced the errors of liberalism and placed membership with the South Houston, Texas church, where Roy Foutz preaches. Three of these had served as deacons at the Belfort church in Houston. We rejoice with the brethren in South Houston at the stand taken by these brethren.

New Congregations

A new congregation is now meeting in Elmhurst, Ill. They met for the first time May 10th. They will meet temporarily in the Masonic Building, 103 Arthur Street. Their services on Sunday will be: Bible Study 9:00 a.m.; Preaching 10:00 a.m.; and services each Sunday night at 6:00 p.m.

Preachers To New Locations

Baxter Evans of Huntsville, Alabama, will move to Springfield, III,, to work with the faithful brethren there. He will move around July 1st

News Briefs

Santos Gomez of Tecate, Mexico, states that only $1500 is needed to complete their building started over two years ago. He seeks individuals who would help him complete it. As high as 50 people have been meeting in his living room since the church's beginning in 1958. A new building will give them a chance to grow numerically. He also is in need of $100 per month, personal support, Charles House reports that this is the same Bro. Gomez that was attacked, brutally assaulted, choked, hit on the head with a rifle butt, put in jail with no food or water, with his friends and family not knowing his whereabouts for an entire day, that Charles reported at that time, because Gomez dared to convict two false brethren of sin from the word of God, when the church was exercising discipline on them. Individuals can send checks for the building which are 100% tax deductible to: Santos Gomez, P. O. Box 344, Tecate, California, USA 92080, and made out to Tecate church of Christ, Building Fund. Churches please note: This man is worthy of your support.