Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 27, 1964

A Matter Of Cooperation - Scriptural Style

Jesse G, Jenkins

The charge is often hurled at some of us that we do not believe in cooperation. This is utterly false, but many brethren have been deceived by the charge. A correct representation would be to say that some of us do not believe in centralization of the funds of congregations. It is true that a plurality of entities can cooperate by means of centralization of funds. But it is equally true that a plurality of entities can cooperate without centralization of funds, but by concurrent action. The reason some of us are opposed to centralization of the funds of congregations in an effort to do a work that is equally the responsibility of all congregations is that there is no scripture for it. If any man thinks he has the scripture for it, let him introduce it. If the scripture he introduces proves his point, I, for one, will change my teaching and practice to correspond with this newly learned truth. Cooperation by means of concurrent action is authorized in the scripture; thus, we both teach and practice it. Two cases in point follow:

On April 30, 1964 Elvis Bozarth and I went to Springfield, Colorado to do personal work and secure a place in which to hold a gospel meeting. Paul Price joined us on May 4. We secured a public hall in which to meet, advertised the meeting by going to almost every house in town (population of about 2500), and the three preachers alternated in the preaching. A small congregation is now regularly meeting in Springfield.

In order to accomplish this work, cooperation was required. In fact this effort involved the cooperation of three preachers and five congregations. The church in Las Cruces, New Mexico, paid the salary and expenses of Elvis Bozarth, as well as the rent on the public hall. The church in Borger, Texas, paid Paul Price's salary; and the church in Dumas, Texas, paid his expenses. The church in Tucumcari, New Mexico, paid my salary; and the church in Aurora, Colorado, paid my expenses.

My friend, this is cooperation without centralization, but with scriptural authority. Yes, we believe in it and practice it!

On the dates of May 11 through 17 Derrell Shaw, Frank Thompson, and I conducted a meeting with the church in Roswell, New Mexico. This effort also required cooperation. The church in Dumas, Texas, paid Shaw's salary and expenses. The church in Pampa, Texas, and the church in Hobbs, New Mexico, paid my salary and expenses.

No man can deny that what occurred in these two instances was scriptural. And no man can deny that it was a matter of cooperation. Therefore, my brethren, do not be deceived by the slanderous statements of some men. These two cases show that we both teach and practice cooperation, but we do demand that any cooperation in which we engage be of a scriptural nature.

— 1502 S. 3rd, Tucumcari, New Mexico