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August 27, 1964

Clippings, Comments, News

Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Arnold Hardin, preacher for the Oak Forest church, Houston, Texas, reports a recent baptism.

L. E. Sloan was with the Sunset View church, Spring Creek, Tenn., July 5-11. There were five baptisms. Larry Davidson is the preacher for this church.

Three have been baptized at the Church in Las Cruces, New Mex., where Salvador Lozano is the preacher. This is the Spanish church and meets 625 N. Campo.

On July 14 one was baptized at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, Mo., where Jimmy Tuten labors.

During July two have been baptized and two have been identified from the liberal church with the church in Eau Gallie, Florida, according to James E. Gunn. the local preacher.


Covina, California — A meeting will be conducted August 9-15 at the church meeting 4234 North Lark Ellen, 1/2 block north of San Bernardino Road. Following are a list of the speakers and subjects.

August 9 — Sunday Morning — "Individual Responsibility", Arthur Atkinson. Sunday Night — "Responsibility of the Church in Gospel Preaching, Benevolence, Etc.", Floyd Thompson.

August 10 — Monday Night — "Marriage and Divorce", Ford Carpenter.

August 11 — Tuesday Night — "Christian Love", Leon Goff.

August 12 — Wednesday Night — "Behaviour of a Christian towards his Unbelieving Family and Friends", Gilbert Copeland.

August 13 — Thursday Night — "Christian Living", Glen Lovelady.

August 14 — Friday Night — "Errors of Jehovah's Witnesses", Bill Fling.

August 15 — Saturday Night — "Why I believe in God", David Harkrider.

Birmingham, Ala.: Robert H. Farish of Lufkin, Texas will be in a meeting with the Inglewood church of Christ August 2 through August 9th.

Green Castle, Ind. — The church meeting 637 E. Washington St. will be engaged in a meeting, August 9 16, with Bob Owen doing the preaching. D. J. Saunders is the local preacher.

Forest, Miss. — James Trigg will be with the church in Forest, August 16-23.

Louisville, Kentucky — The church meeting 4620 Preston Hiway, will be engaged in a series of meetings, August 16-26, with A. C. Grider doing the preacning. Norman E. Fultz is the regular preacher.

Fultondale, Ala. — Jack Holt of Dallas, Texas, will be engaged in a meeting, August 16 - 23, with the church meeting in the Walker Chapel community. This will be a tent meeting. Services each evening at 7:30.

Louisville, Kentucky — Frank Jamerson, preacher for the church which meets on Wendell Ave., will have a meeting, August 16-23. Ed Harrel of Johnson City, Tenn., will do the preaching.

Preachers To New Locations

Earl Hartsell, Box 813, Huntsville, Texas; After two and one-half years with the White Park church, Leesville, La., Earl Hartsell has moved to work with the new church in Huntsville, Texas. This church is meeting in a rented building on Highway 75 in the Southern end of Town. Anyone moving to Huntsville, Texas, please look up the new congregation. All college students who are enrolled in Sam Houston State are invited to meet with this group.

After five years with the church in Fultondale, Alabama, William R. Lambert is moving to Cookeville, Tenn., to work with the Jere Whitson Road church.

News Briefs

Brethren at Norwalk, Ohio, are looking for a part-time preacher to replace R. E. Corns. There is no trouble of any kind. He has been there three years and the work has prospered. Norwalk brethren are able to pay $150 per month for a man who will move in Norwalk and who has other sources of income. R. E. Corns lives 44 miles from the meeting house and after three years the driving is getting to be tiring. Contact should be. Church of Christ, Box 14, Norwalk, Ohio.

John W. Pittman has moved from Rock Springs, WY... to St. Joseph, Mo. The church in St. Joseph has 32 members, with attendance between 40-50. Two have been baptized. Bro. Pittman still needs $100 per month support. If there is any individual or church who could supply this, contact him at Box 1605 W. P. Station, St. Joseph, Mo. 64507.