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August 22, 1963

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Clyde O. Moore, 2706 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Two were baptized July 14th at Spring and Blaine, St. Louis, Mo. Jimmy Tuten is the local preacher.

In a meeting at the Rock church in Dickson County, Tennessee, two were baptized. Reavis Petty of Morehead City, N. C., did the preaching. Ralph Autry is the preacher.

Three have recently been baptized at Morehead City, N. C., where Reavis Petty is the local preacher.

One has recently been baptized at Pearl City, Hawaii. Ben Shropshire is the local preacher.

Gordon J. Pennock of Racine, Wisconsin, reports a baptism July 25th.

One was baptized July 14th at Shelbyville Mills, Tenn. This was the last Sunday there for Eugene Crawley.

Two have recently been baptized at Russellville, Alabama, according to Eugene Crawley, the local preacher.

Preachers To New Locations Roy Foutz has moved from Greenville. Texas, to South Houston, Texas. His new address is: Roy Foutz, 407 Ave. H., South Houston, Texas, 77587.

Raymond E. Harris has moved from Vincennes. Indiana, to work with the church in Spencer, Indiana.

Clarence O. Barr will begin work with the church in Vincennes, Indiana, Sept 15th. He will move there from Traders Point, a suburb of Indianapolis.

Donald R. Givens has moved to work with the congregation in Coalinga, California. He has been preaching for the church in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Canada, for about two years.

Robert J. La Costa has recently moved from Temple Terrace, Florida, to Glendale, Arizona.

Meetings This Week

West Columbia, Texas — W. R. Jones of Baytown, Texas, will preach in a meeting at West Columbia, August 26th-Sept 1st. Dean Bullock is the local preacher.

New Richmond, Ohio — Bernard Bolton, preacher for the church in New Richmond, announces a meeting for August 25th-Sept. 4th, with J. W. Holcomb of Ashland, Kentucky, doing the preaching.

Nashville, Tennessee — The Riverside Drive church meeting at 1530 Riverside Drive, will have a meeting August 25th-Sept 1st. Ed Harrel of Johnson City, Tenn., will do the preaching. Robert Jackson is the local preacher.

Cold Springs, Alabama — Owen S. Calvert will be with the church in Cold Springs, August 25th-Sept. 1st.

News Briefs

The averages for the month of June for the church in Pearl City, Hawaii, are: Bible classes-36; Morning Assembly-43; Evening assembly-33; Mid-week-28; and contribution-355.52. Ben Shropshire is the preacher.

The church in Merryville, La., is in need of a sound preacher who can furnish most of his support. A man that is retired and drawing his social security or one who can secure support from some good congregation. The church is small, but faithful to the word and interested in spreading the truth in that area. If interested, please contact: J. A. Franks, Merryville, La. Telephone 4782.

Bill Fain: I am at present engaged in a meeting in Perry, Arkansas, and just completed one in Dinnard, Arkansas, having also been in Baytown, Texas, on this trip. Just before leaving on this trip, I conducted a meeting in Kodiak, Alaska, where Edwin Knapp preaches. All three churches are standing firmly for the truth and the attendance has been excellent. I have just moved from the Southwest church in Seattle, Washington, to Portland, Oregon, the Southeast church. Pat Broaddus followed me in Seattle. We will begin our work in Portland with a meeting in August. Henry Smith of Sunnyvale, Washington, will do the preaching. My new address is: 3236 S. S. Johnson Creek Blvd., Portland 2, Oregon.

A new work had its beginning in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on July 28th. Regular services will be conducted at 11005 Central N. E. (Hwy. 66), Sunday morning services will begin at 9:00 A. M. with Bible classes and at 10:00 A. M. for worship in song and sermon. Evening services are at 6:00 P.M. on Lord's day and 7:30 on Tuesday evening.

Brother James M. Lynch will be with the church here for about 2 months and then must return to his regular place of labor in Marysville, Calif. The church here will then need some one to work full time who can find his support elsewhere. Mail should be directed to the church of Christ, 11005 Central N. E., Albuquerque, N.M. Phone 299-6645 or 255-2928.