Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 1, 1963
NUMBER 13, PAGE 7,10c

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Clyde O. Moore, 2708 Paul Ave., Lufkin, Texas

New Creatures

Jefferson David Tant, preacher for the Snapfinger Road church, Decatur, Georgia, reports three baptisms the last week in June.

One was baptized the last Lord's day that C. D. Plum was in Paden City, West Virginia. C. D. Plum's new address is: Route 3, Box 135, Corapolis, Pa., c/o Carl Parsons. He is not located with a church now, due to illness in his family, and must depend on meetings and Lord's day appointments and meetings for his livelihood. If you can use him contact him at the above address.

Grover Stevens, preacher for the Park Boulevard church, Louisville, Kentucky, baptized one on June 14th.

G. E. Dickinson, preacher for the Central church, Wayne, Mich., reports two baptisms recently.

In a meeting at the Cedar Hill church, Mt. Vernon, Arkansas, there were seven baptisms. The preaching was done by Guthrie Dean of Bald Knob, Arkansas.

Richard Cravy, preacher for the church In Zavalla, Texas, reports two baptisms during a recent meeting with T. E. Webb of Clute, Texas.

Alan Keith Burnett, preacher for the Green's Chapel church, Uno, Kentucky, reports two baptisms recently.

Denver Deimier, regular preacher for the Jamestown, Indiana, church reports a baptism on June 29th.

During a recent meeting at the West End church, Franklin, Tennessee, in which Connie Adams did the preaching, there were four baptisms. Martin Lemon Is the local preacher.

Meetings This Week

Bardstown, Kentucky — J. W. Holcomb, of Ashland, Kentucky, will preach in a meeting In Bardstown July 29th- Aug. 4th. The services are each evening at 7:30. The church is meeting in the armory.

Baytown, Texas — The Pruitt and Lobit church will have a meeting, July 29th - August 4th with Dean Bullock of West Columbia doing the preaching, according to information from W. R. Jones, preacher at Pruitt and Lobit.

Grenada, Mississippi — A. C. Crider of Meridian, Miss., will be in a meeting in Grenada, July 29- Aug. 7th. Lowell Blassingame is the local preacher.

Paragould, Arkansas — Roy Cogdill of Canoga Park, California, will preach in a meeting at the 2nd and Walnut St. church in Paragould, August 1st - 11th. Hollis Creel is the local preacher.

Beaverton, Oregon — Yater Tant of Nacogdoches, Texas will preach in a meeting at Beaverton, July 29th -August 4th.

Persimmon Grove, Alabama — Jack Holt of Forest Lane church in Dallas, Texas, will preach in a meeting for the church in Persimmon Grove, July 29th - Aug. 4th.

Prospect, Alabama — There will be a meeting in Prospect July 29 - Aug. 4th. with Bill Hall of Birmingham, Alabama, doing the preaching.

Mt. Olive, Alabama — Oliver Murray of Lufkin, Texas, will preach in a meeting at the Mt. Olive church, July 28th - Aug. 4th.

Globe, Ariz. — Robert J. La Costa, Temple Terrace, Florida, will be with the church in Globe August 2nd - 9th. Robert Ewell is the local preacher.

Medina, Tenn. — Earl Fly of Orlando, Florida, will be with the church in Medina, Tenn., July 29 - Aug. 4th.

Kingsville, Texas — The Westside church in Kingsville will have a meeting July 29th - Aug. 4th with James Trigg of Port Arthur doing the preaching. Cecil Jones is the local preacher.

Wayne, Mich. — Clinton D. Hamilton of Tampa, Florida, will speak in a meeting at the Central church in Wayne, Mich., July 28 - Aug. 4th. G. E. Dickinson Is the local preacher. The building is located 35900 Palmer Road.

Preachers To New Locations

Paul Casebolt is now preaching for the church in Paden City, West Va. He moved there from Akron, Ohio.

New Buildings

The Central church in Wayne, Michigan, moved into their new building July 8th. The building is located 35900 Palmer Road. When in that area worship with this church.

New Congregations

The following is from Charles Gibson: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:

On Sunday, June 18, 1983 a new congregation was formed and began to meet in Rockdale, Texas.

For a number of years the Murry St. congregation in Rockdale has been permeated with the spirit of worldliness, liberalism, and modernism and laxity of Christian discipline. The point has been reached where the only distinguishing mark of separation from the denominational world is the name, "Church of Christ."

The small minority within the congregation who tried to stem the tide of digression, seeing the point of no return had been reached, separated themselves and formed a new congregation.

This new congregation will be known as the "Downtown Church of Christ." It begins with 14 adult members from eight families. The attendance has run about 25 per service and the contribution around $90-$100 per week. The meeting house is located in the center of town at 305 E. Cameron Ave. (The main highway through town). Charles A. Gibson will be our preacher.

It is our determined purpose to found a New Testament church, standing four-square for the Truth in all things. We covet your prayers that we may be equal to the task.

Signed: Homer Smith, W. H. Ahrendt, Carroll Holt, Sessions Pounders and Charles Gibson.

Charles Gibson needs more support. If any individuals or congregations can help please contact him at the following address: 1020 Haley Ave., Rockdale, Texas.