Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
August 1, 1963

What Am I ?

Warren Rainwater

I have before me an article written by brother W. C. (Bill) Hammontree. In this article he issues the challenge for his readers to consider just where they are relative to his expressed views. He implied (with certain reservations) that all of us would fall into one group or another. Namely, Conservative or Liberal. He also insists that we must come to one position or the other. He says in his closing remarks, "Now, friend, what are you — 'liberal' or 'conservative'?"....I must confess that I am neither.

Although I have been guilty in the past of putting tags on brethren, I have come to the realization that I have done much harm and believe others are doing the same I don't mean to say that we should cease crying out against all sin and evil in every form. I do mean to say that trying to divide the brotherhood into "Conservatives" vs. "Liberal" elements is making sects in the body of Christ. I believe firmly that if I hold a position that requires some descriptive term in order to point out what kind of Christian I am, then that is more than can be found in the Bible. When Paul preached to Agrippa, he didn't preach in such a way that made Agrippa want to become a "Conservative" or a "Liberal." He was almost persuaded to become a Christian. That is all we ought to be today and that is all I want to be!

So I have searched my soul since reading the article and according to the accepted (I don't know who made up the rules) classifications, I am left out! What a pity. I can't qualify as a liberal or a conservative. The only thing I can find in the scriptures for you to call me is just plain Christian. I believe that will be alright with me. I know it will be fine with the Lord.

Of course I have been called "Conservative" by some. I have been called "Liberal" by some. Others have seen fit to call me a "Middle of the Roader." But by the Lord, I am sure that he looks upon me as just a Christian. At least I am confident that he does.

Let us work to build up the body of Christ with the scriptures and see that we follow the Word. In that way, we will be effective in the work of the Master and will not be building parties within the church. Paul said to the church at Corinth, "Now this I say, that every one of you saith, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas; and I of Christ...." (1 Cor. 1:12) Must we now say "I am of the 'Conservative'; I of the 'Liberal' etc."? If we separate ourselves according to the good brother's plea, then it will be the net end for sure.

The article by brother Hammontree should cause us to re-study our thinking on the matter of trying to make general classifications in the church. The Lord will do that for sure but let us work to teach the word to a lost and dying world.

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