Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 25, 1961
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R. L .Burns, 400 E. Grand Prairie Road, Grand Prairie, Texas. After nearly two years in Fort Worth with the Westside church, my family and I are returning to the Central church in Grand Prairie, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

We worked with Central for nearly three years before coming to Fort Worth. The church in Grand Prairie has gone down steadily for more than a year, until it began to have serious financial difficulties. Like a lot of places, it has been treated to a lot of problems by radical and extremely reactionary brethren. Most of these have moved away and some were withdrawn from. Others have simply withdrawn themselves. At any rate, the brethren there have asked me to preach for them again in an attempt to get the work back on its feet. It is not the kind of situation that appeals to those who simply are looking for a "preaching job" and we are aware of the problems to be encountered, but the cause is just and the church is sound. In an area of about 75,000 people (Arlington and Grand Prairie) this is the only sound congregation and much is dependent upon her.

In leaving Westside, it is against our wishes and the wishes of these brethren. We have enjoyed this work perhaps more than any we have ever done. This is a good church, at peace and growing steadily. The problems of Masonry, the marriage heresy and other isms that so trouble many conservative churches are not present here. With our membership about 180, we average well over 200 for Bible classes and are presently averaging more than 160 for Wednesday night classes. A liberal church recently began in this area but has been unsuccessful in disrupting our work, and our interest and attendance have grown since they started. A sound teaching program in the future by the leadership of this church will insure its continued growth and conservatism.

A Congregation At Graysville, Alabama Pryde E. Hinton

Some time ago a congregation was started at Graysville, Alabama, in the Birmingham area. It is small, but already is growing. Very recently a young husband and father was baptized by brother Cecil Dill. This young man is actively preparing for public work in the assemblies of the saints. Brethren J. D. Pruitt and Cecil Dill, both of Birmingham, are preaching for the new congregation. I am helping out by teaching the adult Bible class Thursday evenings at 7 o'clock. All three preachers are giving their time and service.

The church, with the aid of individuals and congregations in the area, has purchased a good piece of property, with plenty of room for parking. The present building is a former store that has a good apartment in the rear, with conveniences, that can be converted into a good auditorium and classrooms. The brethren owe about $7,000.00 on the property, having paid down $4,000.00. This amount they owe was loaned to them by a sister in Birmingham. This congregation stands firmly against all innovations and human institutions. "The God of heaven, He will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build."

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A. H. Payne, East Columbus Church of Christ, Columbus, Mississippi, May 5, 1961. We are happy to report 12 baptisms during the month of April, 10 of which occurred during our meeting with A. Hugh Clark of Lubbock, Texas. Also, one man was restored and one lady identified with the church. Aubrey Belue, Jr., Griffith, Indiana, will be working with the Columbus Air Force Base church the week of June 18. A number of East Columbus members have and are working in connection with this group. We would appreciate any interested contacts that you might have in that community. Send your letters to me at the above address.

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Tommy McClure, Route 3, Box 44, East Main Road, El Dorado, Arkansas. I began full time work with the small group meeting in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Hall, 810 N. Newton St., the last of February this year. There are two liberal congregations in this city plus the anti-class church, so our work will be slow and difficult. But by the help of God and with the support of faithful churches in other places we are determined to solidly plant the Cause of Christ. We are trying to contact, by personal visitation, as many as we can so as to teach them the truth. If you have friends or relatives living in or near El Dorado, please send us their names and addresses. If passing this way, we would be happy to have you meet with us. For further information concerning the place and time of services call me at UNion 2-1197 when you arrive.