Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 25, 1961

"Brotherhood Pigs"

Maurice W. Estes, Los Molinos, California

There has been much ado about giving a pig a permanent wave during the past few weeks. (See The Overflow, February 16) Certainly this has become a major problem for some of our brethren.

Now the only reason one would want to give a pig a permanent wave would be to improve the looks of the porker....that is to say its natural appeal leaves much to be desired.

Following this same line of logic, some of our brethren today are going to great lengths to give the pig of "Modernism" a permanent wave. Certainly they cannot allow the modernistic trends in the church today to be labeled accurately .... "Tools of Satan."

So, they apply a little waving solution here and there and come out with innocent looking athletic contests, so-called coffee fellowships, and other social functions sponsored by the church. All dressed up, curled tail and all.

This waving solution is a recipe long used by the denominations to dress up their pigs. One type is the powdered form. This powder, when sprinkled around congregations in liberal quantities, causes an itch. Everyone is itching to do something....usually for the young people.

Then comes the liquid form, which washes away any possible doubt by saying, "This is a good opportunity for the church to do something. Let the elders sponsor these activities. There will be the proper spiritual guidance."

Another successful solution comes in the squeeze bottle.

If you squeeze hard enough, many sensitive brethren will yelp with pain because there are more young people playing on denominational baseball teams than are attending services of the church.

The modernistic pig, like all pigs, is a glutton....never satisfied, but continually progressing (or digressing as the case may be) at a fast rate of speed. What started out as seemingly insignificant, harmless items have grown to such proportions, that one has difficulty distinguishing between what is supposed to be the church of the Lord, and a denomination. Is this conformity to the practices of the world what God had in mind when he gave instructions to be a peculiar people, zealous of good works?

Now I just imagine the brethren in Memphis hat a hard time giving that pig a permanent wave. But no harder a job than the one facing our liberal brethren. Much to the surprise of many, the solution isn't permanent. As soon as it is exposed by a careful study of God's word, it loses its effectiveness. Then someone tries desperately to find a solution that will disguise modernism a while longer.

They will succeed to a degree, as long as there are members of the church who are willing to go along with anything man has to offer. Let us remember there is a way that seems right to man, but which will result in death. (Prov. 14:12)

Regardless of how right something may seem, let us always have the interest and courage to search the scriptures. Beware! It might be a pig!